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solution for organizing your corporate events

Kampaay is the platform that allows you to organize, manage and monitor corporate events easily, innovatively and in line with business objectives

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Organize, manage and monitor your corporate events through a single platform

Control all your events with a single portal: configure your event, get one quote, monitor costs in real time, and get one invoice for all your services

Customized services for your business

Starting with business needs and goals, we build a tailored service catalog that meets budgets and guidelines.

Solutions are directly usable from the platform and customizable across multiple geographies.

More time for your team

Save up to 20% of your team's time: with the platform, each user organizes events by interfacing with only one contact person.

With the "role and permission management" features, you can monitor budgets and events.

Guaranteed result and constant support

Receive dedicated expert support and advice for all activities, from strategic planning to event management to product and marketing support.

Vendors on the platform are chosen and vetted by Kampaay's procurement following exacting qualification standards.

Discover the best solution for your team

  • Interface with a single point of contact for all your events
  • Organize all your events: from Client Events to Corporate Events to Press Conferences and Conventions
  • Get instant quotes, receive assistance at all stages of the event, and request a single invoice for all services while you focus on the details for a flawless event.
  • Facilitates the dissemination of corporate culture and values
  • Organize all your events: from Team Building to Corporate Parties to Off-Sites and Retreats
  • Assign budgets to all users and provide a tool forautonomous event organization, eliminating endless approvals and providing 360-degree oversight of all events.

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Book a call with our team, tell them your needs, and find out how to revolutionize your event management.

Try the service with your first event

Like the idea and think it might be right for you, but want to be 100 percent sure? Hold your first test event and make sure it meets all your requirements.

Customize the portal for your company

Configure a customized catalog and take advantage of advanced features, such as budget management for each user and invoice customization.

What you will find inside our
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Corporate Events

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Corporate Retreats and Conventions

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Virtual Team Building

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You will find some answers here, but if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to book a call with us.

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"The real first Event-as-a-Service platform for businesses."
"Kampaay enables corporate decision makers to innovate in event organization."
"Kampaay innovates event business and raises 1.5 million"
"Organizing a corporate event has never been easier! A flexible and intuitive solution for businesses"
"Events beyond the crisis: 580 thousand euros for Milan-based event-as-a-service startup"
"It's called Kampaay and it offers the full service tailored to one-click events."
"Kampaay, the startup changing the way events are organized has been selected among the 100 best startups in 2021"
"The real first Event-as-a-Service platform for businesses."
"Organize any event in a few clicks with Kampaay"

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