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Our values


We put enthusiasm into everything we do


We are flexible and take every new challenge as a stimulus


We know that we can rely on each other


We build valuable relationships with our stakeholders


Every day is one more opportunity to overcome our limitations


We strive to create a less complex future for our users

Our best moments

Achieving important results and organizing flawless events is only possible through great teamwork.
Our team consists of people who share common values and are always ready to accept new challenges with enthusiasm.

Some numbers

Kampaay is a startup that was founded in Milan in 2019 to facilitate the organization of corporate events, and it does so by gathering in its Event-as-a-Service platform all the services needed to meet every need.

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About Kampaay

Our most demanding customers are precisely us

Kampaay's idea came to us while having a beer in the Navigli area

I Gotta Feeling is a key song in Kampaay's story


Opening in Sweden after only one year

360 Capital is the investment fund that believed in us from the beginning

Nominations in Sifted and Eu Startup


In Japanese, Kampaay means. cheers

For us, the graphic above the y sounds like. cin

Our logo represents a toast with a martini glass

The companies that have chosen us

Why event planners
choose Kampaay

Once I choose the services, location, and staff for my event I can already have an overview of prices so that even for the most complex events everything is easier!


Executive Assistant & Internal Events Manager


The Christmas party was the perfect opportunity to meet everyone live. We chose a walk-through dinner, so people were free to interact and get to know each other. It was a winning idea!

Alessandra and Alessia

HR Manager and Marketing Manager


The selected suppliers are reliable and the locations exclusive, plus I can always count on the support of an operator both before and during the event.


Ecosystem Marketing Manager


I chose the experience, menu and location then downloaded and shared the quote for approval. The Cooking Experience was a success, the participants enjoyed themselves and were immediately a group!


Field Marketing Coordinator


Although distant, colleagues enjoyed the idea of making cocktails and playing all together creating an extraordinary empathy! From afar we toasted virtually feeling close and united!

Marina and Mariella

General Services Manager and Assistant Director

Leroy Merlin

I always organize appetizers and dinners in the office directly from the platform. I change the catering service and diversify the choice of food&drinks so my colleagues don't get bored and I always offer something different


Administration Assistant and People Manager


With Kampaay I take care of my team faster, more effectively, and I am sure of the result!


HR Manager


I recommend everyone to rely on Kampaay to organize the team building event, and not only that, they are a safety! Everything is carefully and precisely taken care of.

Susanna Iemma


What makes the difference about this platform is being able to program independently, extremely quickly, whatever you want and with good and timely support.

Paola Pesenti

Swiss Post

Organizing an event with a single platform becomes much easier. Now I can set up my event by controlling the budget and without comparing myself with different vendors.

Eugenia Berardi


With a desire to provide the best possible experience for the participants they were precise, helpful and with great attention to detail. Everything was very easy.

Nicholas Buratti

Digital dictionary

Kampaay has been instrumental, allowing us to continue to organize team building, sharing events and appetizers with our teams making us feel like a group again.

Alessia Bonizzoni


With the Kampaay platform, I can organize my corporate event by selecting the services I need in a simple and intuitive way. Nothing is left to chance.

Mariella Mulè

Leroy Merlin

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With Kampaay you organize your event easily, quickly and smartly. Access the platform and configure it by independently selecting all the services you need.

"The real first Event-as-a-Service platform for businesses."
"Kampaay enables corporate decision makers to innovate in event organization."
"Kampaay innovates event business and raises 1.5 million"
"Organizing a corporate event has never been easier! A flexible and intuitive solution for businesses"
"Events beyond the crisis: 580 thousand euros for Milan-based event-as-a-service startup"
"It's called Kampaay and it offers the full service tailored to one-click events."
"Kampaay, the startup changing the way events are organized has been selected among the 100 best startups in 2021"
"The real first Event-as-a-Service platform for businesses."
"Organize any event in a few clicks with Kampaay"

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