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Expand your team and keep up with innovative event strategies. Prepare to deliver cutting-edge activations that have a lasting impact on your clients' ROI.
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Qonto chooses to save time by organizing events with Kampaay

Learn how Qonto has simplified the organization of its internal and external events

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Offer your team an innovative solution to centralise enterprise event management

Business goals always met

We make sure your team works in line with the strategy

Catalog customisation

We adapt the services in our catalog according to your needs

Up to 20% time saved

We optimise processes by lightening the workload in the company

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Kampaay, il genio degli eventi aziendali.
La nostra piattaforma semplifica la pianificazione, abilita la collaborazione, misura il successo di ogni evento. Così puoi focalizzarti sulla visione d'insieme. E dare vita a eventi che guidano il cambiamento.

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