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How Casavo changed the way events are organized with Kampaay

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The company

Casavo is a real estate startup founded in 2017 in Milan with the aim of digitizing the real estate market by making people's lives easier. Through an online platform Casavo pursues the mission of changing the way people sell, buy and live homes in Europe, making the process more usable and smart, meeting the needs of the customer.

"My role is to manage the office and support the teams, but I also handle the organization of corporate events at the Italian and international level."
Elisabetta is Executive Assistant & Internal Events Manager at the Milan office and is personally involved in the organization of corporate events on a national and Global level.
Elisabetta is Executive Assistant & Internal Events Manager at the Milan office and is personally involved in the organization of corporate events on a national and Global level.

Before Kampaay

Like Kampaay, Casavo was born with the goal of simplifying people's lives, streamlining processes and making the real estate industry smarter through technology.

"Right away we fell in love with Kampaay! A young, fresh and proactive company that with digitization is making the event industry smart."

At Casavo, corporate events are aimed at individual teams or cross-functional, designed to create moments of exchange and sharing among colleagues who do not work directly closely together.

"We don't really have an event calendar, but we are planning it for next year. We usually organize 2 or 3 internal events every month, more rarely external events, and when we do they are aimed at premium partners or real estate agencies."

When it comes to corporate events, it is really the members of the different teams who choose the dates and come up with ideas, the frequency of events is not regulated, and requests often arrive a few days in advance.

"The need comes from people outside my sphere of work, mostly from the management team. Colleagues come to me with a date and an event idea to organize, often within a few days. I have found myself several times having to organize events on very short notice, and in these cases Kampaay is the solution to all problems!"

The solution

When time is short, one of the main problems for event planners is precisely interfacing with different vendors, thanks to the platform it is possible to give an immediate answer of availability and costs.

"Kampaay has literally changed my life! From the platform I can completely independently select the type of event and services I need and get a response and especially a quote very quickly. Before Kampaay I used to go to trusted vendors, but the timelines would get much longer and the quotes would take a long time to arrive."

The event sector in Italy is poorly digitized, but with Kampaay it is possible to organize events in a short time, without having to interface with different suppliers and quotes. And for companies that organize recurring events such as Casavo there is the "reorder an event" function, thanks to which it is possible to organize an event that has already been staged in precendeza, in just a few clicks.

"We also choose Kampaay because the event budget always meets our policy. Once I choose the services, location and staff for my event I can already have an overview of prices and share it internally, it's all very intuitive and transparent. I have seen the platform evolve quickly and the team grow, the user experience is constantly improving, and organizing events is getting easier!"

More complex events that involve services tailored ad hoc to the client's needs such as a relocation, a multi-day trip or other activities require different management. That is why with Kampaay it is also possible to organize a more complex event with the support of an industry expert/event planner, who can manage the logistics and all other activities of location research and services for more complex events.

"I happened to have to organize more complex events that I could not manage alone, and even in these cases Kampaay was the right choice! With the support of an operator, I organized Offsite, an event aimed at the C level of Casavo. 12 people were hosted at Oasi Galbusera, and with the help of a Kampaay contact person we chose the hotel, transfers, catering and staff so that everything was perfect!"

The platform allows the event planner to be completely autonomous in managing the services chosen and the budget, but expert advice is essential on certain occasions, ensuring the peace of mind of the planner and the success of the event.

"The human factor was a plus! The idea of having to manage such a complex event by myself was frightening to me, and after the first chat with Gilles, Senior Advisor at Kampaay, I became very relaxed and began to have a clearer view of the situation."

With Kampaay

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Why would you suggest Kampaay?

"I recommend Kampaay because it has simplified the way I do events. Thanks to the platform, I can manage the organization steps independently and in a shorter time. The events industry, like the real estate industry, needs to be rejuvenated, and the Kampaay team is doing it the right way. I find many of Casavo's values in Kampaay; processes, through the platform, become easy, intuitive and fast, and there is transparency on costs. I would never go back!"
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