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How Gility amplifies corporate values with Kampaay

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A company looking for the right event for its team

Gility is a corporate start-up founded in 2022 that is revolutionizing corporate training in Italy. The platform's mission is to digitize various types of corporate training and transform them into experiences that are smarter, accessible, engaging, and simple to buy but also to manage, deliver, and enjoy.

"At Gility, my role, in addition to structuring the hiring processes, is to channel the positive values of the company. The work, really, is done by the teams and the people; I give the tools and move behind the scenes to let them take the stage."
Isaia is People and Culture Manager at Gility and is in charge of corporate events to promote and strengthen culture within the Gility team.
Isaia is People and Culture Manager at Gility and is in charge of corporate events to promote and strengthen culture within the Gility team.

Gility is highly innovative and, through a series of internal team-building events, is amplifying a core theme for the company: creating a safe zone of continuous feedback.

"We work every day on corporate culture to nurture a dialogue between teams and managers, peer to peer, and between people and HR. Our team is extremely diverse and it is often difficult to bring all people together in one place at the same time. That's why we feel the need to organize events, a very powerful tool for us especially at this stage of growth."

Closing an event in one day: with Kampaay it's so easy

Gility was looking for a strategic vendor to be fully entrusted with the management and all aspects of internal events throughout the year.

"We were looking for a unique value-oriented event partner who would quickly grasp our request. This way the entire Gility team could continue to focus on the corporate focus, saving valuable time in organizing the event itself."

Gility wanted engaging and simple activities for a team building in one location, without travel, and that was close to Milan to bring together a team from Genoa, Rome, and Naples.

Meeting at a corporate offsite event

"Kampaay has incorporated the brief 100 percent right from the start.. The idea of relying on a partner with excellent case histories and not having to think about it again after the brief are elements that made me say yes in no time. The event for me was already closed within a day thanks to a single quote and clear agreements."

Inaugurating the corporate event season with tailored team building

For Gility, Kampaay organized an off-site team building day for 20 people. This was just the first in a series of events already planned by Gility together with Kampaay throughout the year.

"The off-site we organized with Kampaay was one of the first steps to discuss corporate culture together with our team. We started from the belly of the company."

The event's program combined an afternoon workshop on corporate values with a murder mystery dinner and several moments of entertainment, all in an open-air and nature location, the perfect setting for unplugging and team building.

"Everything went smoothly. Maximum peace of mind during the event, excellent time management and more than positive feedback from the management team. It was ideal because we focused on the goal of the event, never on the management, and for me that is a key thing."

With Kampaay

Why would you choose Kampaay?

"I would definitely recommend Kampaay: it convinced me from the first contact and was very effective thanks to a smooth management that avoided my worries and worries. The great thing about organizing events with Kampaay is knowing that you have one contact person and one person for everything. This made our work so much easier and we could devote all our energy and time to take care of the most strategic aspects of the event."
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