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How Wolters Kluwer brings team together with Kampaay caterers

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A dynamic company between smart working and office

Wolters Kluwer is a global leader in information solutions, software and services for the legal, tax, labor, financial and healthcare markets. The Group has customers in more than 180 countries and, in addition to Italy, has offices in 40 countries around the world including Europe, Asia and the Americas.

"I have been working in Wolters Kluwer Italy for 30 years. I handle all legal contracts with facility services such as rent, utilities, maintenance, travel and catering."
Rossana is part of the Procurement Facilities Department in Wolters Kluwer Italy and manages supplier relations for internal corporate events.
Rossana is part of the Procurement Facilities Department in Wolters Kluwer Italy and manages supplier relations for internal corporate events.
"After Covid we adopted a hybrid working mode with two days in the office and three days from home. We take shifts and it is very difficult physically to all meet on the same day."

Hence Wolters Kluwer Italy's decision to organize a series of employee-only events, perfect for ensuring continuous and repeated opportunities to see everyone together again.

Not only that, they are strategic team-building appointments because they reduce distance, help maintain rapport, and foster sociability.

Catering at a corporate event

From word of mouth to a single source for corporate events

The acquaintance between Wolters Kluwer and Kampaay dates back to 2020, during the pandemic.

"We met Kampaay during Covid when we needed virtual events. The bartender activities helped us so much to keep our team together and excited our CEO."

After Covid, Wolters Kluwer rethought in-house in-person events and put catering at the center: so it was crucial to find a single vendor to whom all aspects of event management could be entrusted.

"Before Kampaay it was difficult to organize everything: sometimes I resorted to word of mouth, got help from colleagues, other times it took a week of work to bring all the vendors together. Now I put the event in Kampaay's hands and don't have to think about anything anymore."

Customized catering service and smooth running

For Wolters Kluwer Italia, Kampaay organizes and manages the catering for events dedicated to teams, but also for Christmas toasts or for the openings of new offices. All with a totally personalized service that takes into account all the needs of the participants.

"Kampaay caters to all menu requests, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or intolerance. The beauty of organizing events on a platform like Kampaay is having the security of setting a day or time and then knowing that there will be one vendor to take care of everything."

There are currently 30 people in Wolters Kluwer Italy who use the Kampaay platform to organize events in the different Italian offices.

"Kampaay has made our lives so much easier. Now event management is so smooth that we don't even need to be present on the day of the event to accommodate the catering staff."

With Kampaay

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Why would you choose Kampaay?

"Kampaay has become our sole year-round provider-a quality choice that I appreciate so much because of the professionalism and the freshness of the management. The most amazing thing is the 360-degree view Kampaay has on the event, the ability to cover different roles and offer many services for one meeting. These are important elements that confirm the professionalism of the whole team."
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Optimize internal processes by reducing unnecessary steps

Monitor costs and control the budget for each team's events

Spreading corporate culture through quality experiences

Offer team managers pre-approved solutions for their Team Spirit

Manage the entire event organization process through a single point of contact

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