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Autonomy and reliability, here's why Fanplayr chose Kampaay

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The company

Fanplayr is the American company founded in 2011 and landed in Italy in 2013, which is revolutionizing the world of e-commerce. The platform studies users' behaviors and tastes and analyzes data to improve and optimize online businesses in different industries.

"I am Giovanna, Administration Assistant and People Manager for Europe, and I independently manage the organization of corporate events."
"I am Giovanna, Administration Assistant and People Manager for Europe, and I independently manage the organization of corporate events."

Before Kampaay

Companies where people are well live long and perform better, and Fanplayr knows this well. That's why the American company places great emphasis on corporate welfare, continually studying new ways of organizing meetings, giving special attention to workplaces, and investing in events.

"The CEO is a person who cares a lot about the well-being of the team, so he cares that events and small refreshments are organized at the end of company meetings to create moments of exchange and socialization and enhance the work of employees."

The solution

With Kampaay, Giovanna organizes recurring events in Fanplayr's Milan office, which lends itself very well to hosting events such as aperitifs or dinners organized for teams, particularly at the end of meetings and gatherings.

"We almost never use the location choice service because our office is perfect for hosting small events, such as those we hold at the end of conference calls and meetings. Our headquarter is in America, so meetings usually start at 5 p.m., and at the end, we often organize appetizers and dinners."

Work spaces become places for meeting and exchange, an opportunity for sociability. Inviting employees to an informal aperitif, whether it is in the common spaces of the office or in a club, allows for the creation of relationships outside working hours, lightening the day spent in the office and nurturing the synergies created between desks. Giovanna has been using Kampaay for a long time and is completely autonomous in using the platform and organizing events. The aperitif formula at the end of meetings really appeals to the Fanplayr team, so it is often repurposed by varying the catering service and menu, and it only takes a few clicks to do so.

"I organize the appetizers and dinners we have in the office directly from the platform. The post-meeting event format was really liked by the CEO, so I repeat it often. I change the catering service and diversify the choice of food&drink so that I don't bore my colleagues and always offer something different. I know the tastes of the team well, so I choose for myself without needing to compare myself with everyone every time."

Not just team building and drinks among colleagues, together with Kampaay, Fanplayr organized an event at an industry trade show.

"I was asked to organize refreshments at our booth inside the fair. With Kampaay we chose the caterer, staff and set up a very rich buffet that impressed everyone, the wow effect is assured on any occasion!"

The catering service for trade shows and conventions

Last May, Fanplayr organized a 3-day hybrid event with Kampaay, where the Fanplayr Italy team met with the remotely connected U.S. team. The challenge was to find a way to diversify the 3-day conference between them while keeping the same format.

Hybrid form events have been a must for the past 2 years, chosen by companies to bring employees together without necessarily hosting everyone in the same location. A format that exploded due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, but was already being used and will continue to be used by entities such as Fanplayr, which has locations scattered around the world.

When events last for several days and the location does not change, varying the food&beverage offerings is the best solution to impress the guests and make the event more dynamic. On these occasions, entertainment takes on equal importance. With Kampaay you can choose from endless possibilities to make the event more fun and give a special experience to the participants."

I was afraid that the event would be boring and repetitive by having the same program for all 3 days. Thanks to the endless possibilities offered by Kampaay, I was able to change the catering service and food beverage proposals for each day. The choice was greatly appreciated and the event a success!"

Kampaay's mission is to simplify the organization of corporate events, improving the working lives of those, like Giovanna, who are personally involved in them.

"With the platform I can be completely autonomous in organizing the event. I start by browsing through the various proposals and novelties and choose the catering and services with the team's tastes and needs in mind.
I never move too far in advance, I go on the platform about 10 days before the chosen date, our events are always in the range of 15 to 20 people so I don't need to start with the organization too long in advance."

The platform is easy and intuitive, giving event planners the ability to browse services and news and receive a first draft quote very quickly.

"After selecting the services I save a draft of the event so I can get an initial idea of the price and share it with the finance department for approval. Before I knew Kampaay this phase required much more effort and the timelines were significantly longer. I would find myself having to contact several vendors and chase them down to get a quote in a tight time frame. With Kampaay I can do it all from one platform and receive the quote in one click!"

The platform is important, but the human factor makes a difference.

"Having full autonomy in using the platform gives me the security of knowing that I can organize an event at any time, but what makes the difference is the human factor. Knowing that on the other side there is a team of people ready to solve my doubts and give me advice when I need it is priceless!"

Confidence in the outcome and peace of mind also come from the vendors, the real players in the events.

"Before Kampaay, I found myself having to start from scratch researching vendors for each event, having none that I trusted. Now I access the platform and select the service I prefer within minutes. The fact that the vendors are chosen by Kampaay gives me confidence and assurance of the outcome. I feel comfortable in saying that I go with my eyes closed, because the positive experience of what past events have been allows me to trust and rely on them completely."

With Kampaay

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Why would you suggest Kampaay?

"I would recommend Kampaay because it has simplified my work life. Since using the platform organizing events is no longer a stress, I do it with pleasure and the feedback is always very positive, at all levels. With minimal effort I organize all kinds of events and I am sure of the result. And then there is the added value, the people. We live in a digital world, but being able to have human contact with the team is crucial compared to just having a tool."
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