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GA Agency brings together its European team through an event

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The company

GA Agency is an independent digital agency that covers all aspects of online customer acquisition and website performance. The agency was founded in 2019 by Guido Ampollini, who has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Today GA Agency has employees throughout Europe with a head office in London. The agency has a global mindset and provides local insights from its team in 24 countries.

Marie is the director of operations for GA Agency. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations, including internal workflows, business efficiency, operational best practices, and a positive work culture.
Marie is the director of operations for GA Agency. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations, including internal workflows, business efficiency, operational best practices, and a positive work culture.
"This was our first experience in organizing an event of this magnitude, both for GA and myself. The goal was to bring together all the participants in Europe, many of whom had never met before: it was the perfect opportunity to meet and have fun."

As this was the agency's first time organizing an event of this scale, it had little knowledge of the locations and activities that were within the budget available for the size of the group. GA scheduled an initial phone call with Kampaay to understand the process and to convey the type of event he was trying to organize.

Corporate group photo of happy people with hands in the air
The team in the offices of GA Agency

"This support was exactly what we needed in order to proceed with the planning and organization of the event. Talking with Kampaay gave us a lot of confidence and support in our decision-making process".

The problem for GA Agency

GA Agency had never organized an event of this magnitude, and the unknowns were many.

The agency was founded the year before Covid-19 and was initially very small: at the time, there was no need to organize large events. During the pandemic, GA Agency grew significantly in terms of new clients, geographic coverage, and team members across Europe, to over 50 employees.

So this was the first major opportunity to bring together all the team members from different parts of Europe.

That is why the need arose to identify an event planning company with knowledge and experience in organizing corporate events, which would assist GA Agency at every stage of the process. And that's where Kampaay came in.

A team member giving a presentation to a group of colleagues
The presentation to the team

How Kampaay supported GA Agency

Kampaayadvised on activities that would fit the budget and the number of people in attendance.

As the main challenge was to bring together all the participants from different parts of Europe, Kampaay assisted GA in arranging accommodation for the team members and the conference room where the in-house workshops would be held.

GA Agency chose ateam building activity, a scavenger hunt in Covent Garden, London. Many had never met in person, so this activity was the perfect choice to allow everyone to get to know each other in a relaxed and fun environment.

Image of a group of friends in central London
The winning team of the treasure hunt

"Everything went smoothly: The team focused mainly on the getting to know each other and on building lasting working relationships!".

It was important for GA Agency to be able to customize and tailor the event to their needs and requirements, and using Kampaay's innovative platform allowed them to customize the event.

Kampaay gave support in organizing an event that would fit their budget and the number of people from the company gathering across Europe.

"Kampaay has helped us achieve our goals. Without them it would have taken much longer and we would not have received many interesting insights."

With Kampaay

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Corporate culture

Why would you choose Kampaay?

"Kampaay helped us take a lot of pressure and stress off the team, offering expert advice, knowledge and creativity that helped us make the right decisions to arrive at a successful and memorable event."
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