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The company

Gympass is the corporate wellness platform that enables companies to engage their workforce in taking care of their health by providing access to the largest global network of sports facilities, online and offline. Gympass' mission is simple but ambitious: to improve the mental and physical health of workers and, as a result, company productivity in an easy and inclusive way.

"At Gympass we have always focused a lot on events, and as time went on, the need emerged for a service that could support their organization. A solution that was easy to use and gave us the ability to customize events according to our needs, from coffee breaks to corporate parties."
Natasha covers the role of Field Marketing Coordinator and is responsible for organizing events and creating content to entice prospect companies to activate the services offered by Gympass.
Natasha covers the role of Field Marketing Coordinator and is responsible for organizing events and creating content to entice prospect companies to activate the services offered by Gympass.
"The target audiences for the events I personally attend are of two types: companies that do not yet cooperate with Gympass on the one hand, and clients and partners on the other."

In the first case, the events are aimed at HR professionals from prospect companies and are designed to present the services offered by Gympass through formal and non-formal activities. In the second case, the events are aimed at clients and designed as anopportunity to create networking and portfolioengagement.

The Food Cooking Event

Before Kampaay

Gympass was looking for an innovative and effective way to engage customers, do nurturing, and create networking moments.

"Events have always played an important role in Gympass' marketing and communication policies," Natasha says, "used as an opportunity to add value to the brand and as a promotional vehicle, they give participants a chance to have a hands-on experience and create empathy between brand and users."

The solution

Browsing through the experiences offered by Kampaay, the Cooking Experience emerged as the perfect alternative to meet Natasha's needs. Food, from preparation to table, is a strong element of togetherness, and the cooking experience format engages participants by creating an environment in which collaboration is key to achieving goals in the right timeframe!

‍Theevent was organized by Natasha independently through the platform and with the support of a Customer Success Manager.

"Once the experience was chosen, it was just a matter of deciding what to include in the package. I chose the location, selected the photographer , and invited the participants to choose the menu that they would then prepare on the day of the event. After confirming the menu, all they had to do was select all the services they chose on the platform, download the quote and pass it to the finance department for approval, all in a few clicks!"

Participants collaborated to create the perfect dish

The collaboration with Kampaay began in 2020 when the limitations imposed by the pandemic prompted Gympass to change the way it organized events. Webinars and virtual aperitifs became part of the event strategy, and with Kampaay's support, the company was able to offer clients and partners moments of sharing and opportunities to meet in virtual mode as well.

"With minimal effort, thanks to Kampaay, we were able to provide moments of sharing and socializing even when it seemed impossible."

The collaboration then continued, and the planning and organization mode already used for virtual and hybrid format events proved perfect for in-person events as well.

"Kampaay is the perfect platform to organize any kind of event. I can choose the experience I prefer based on the target audience, I always have everything in hand and I don't have to think about anything else! By now we are aligned, through the platform and with the support of the Customer Success Manager who has been with me for a long time and knows my tastes and needs, I can easily choose the most suitable event for each occasion and achieve my goals "

With Kampaay

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Why would you suggest Kampaay?

"I recommend Kampaay to all companies because it is the easiest way to organize events. I have seen the platform change and evolve and the user experience constantly improve, making the organizing process even faster and more intuitive. Before discovering Kampaay to organize an event we were spending much more in terms of time and effort without having the certainty of a quality result. Kampaay has changed the way we do events!"
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Manage the entire event organization process through a single point of contact

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