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How Leroy Merlin reinvented its events with Kampaay

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The company

Leroy Merlin is unique, a company that puts people and human relationships at the center, and this applies to both customers and employees. The teams are very close-knit, and the strength of the company lies precisely in the great sense of belonging that develops among employees.

"Celebrating successes and creating opportunities for play and levity among colleagues is crucial for us, and with the advent of restrictions we were suddenly faced with the impossibility of getting all our staff together in the same place."
Marina and Mariella are respectively General Services Manager and Management Assistant in Leroy Merlin and both are involved in the organization of corporate events.
Marina and Mariella are respectively General Services Manager and Management Assistant in Leroy Merlin and both are involved in the organization of corporate events.

Corporate events have always played a key role in Leroy Merlin's strategy; understood as a vehicle for sociability and fun, they are organized to create a sense of belonging and togetherness among colleagues.

Before Kampaay

Each year the company holds a 3-day event for employees and families to celebrate achieve ments and create a time for sharing. Usually the event is held in attendance and includes a series of game experiences and a final dinner attended by about 700 people.

"Because of the restrictions due to the pandemic, it was not possible to stage the event with the usual formula, but we still felt a strong need to give a sign that was concrete and tangible to our people."

The pandemic highlighted the need to find a new solution, without losing sight of the focus of the event: the happiness of colleagues.vRather than opting for a purely virtual solution, with the support of Kampaay, Leroy Merlin organized an event in hybrid form for the first time.

The solution

Leroy Merlin's request was for an event that would allow the team to have a light-hearted and sharing moment, albeit from a distance, and that would make them feel close and part of the same experience.

The bartender experience was the perfect solution for the company's needs. The event was designed from the ground up, Kampaay's team joined Leroy Merlin's team at every stage of the organization, from initial brainstorming to implementation, offering continuous and flexible support.

"For the first time, we organized an event with a single point of contact. We followed every stage of the organization by designing the experience according to our needs and relying on the creativity and professionalism of the Kampaay team. The end result left us speechless."

"Thanks to the bartender's professionalism and friendliness, we were able to feel close even though we were far away."

The event was held in a hybrid form. A location was chosen in which the bartender and part of the team gathered and in which a director was set up for live streaming, allowing participants to connect from home.

To make the experience even more engaging, hundreds of Kampaay boxes containing the necessary ingredients were sent to employees' homes. During the event, the bartender led participants in the preparation of a cocktail, a fun activity that brought out team dynamics.

The purpose-built location

"Joy, energy and interaction were the hallmarks of the experience organized with Kampaay. Although distant, colleagues greatly enjoyed the cocktail idea and being able to all play together created tremendous empathy! We were distant but we toasted virtually with the same bottle feeling close and united!"

Before meeting Kampaay, the event organization at Leroy Merlin was handled by an internal team, with varying planning geometries. They would start with the choice of location and build the event experience around the content.

"The lineup was being changed several times, and the biggest difficulty was realizing all the ideas we had in mind. With Kampaay this transition becomes smooth. After the initial brainstorming we manage to put all the elements together and get to the goal without stress, quickly and with the guarantee of the result!"

With Kampaay

Level of satisfaction

Why would you suggest Kampaay?

"We recommend Kampaay because it is a guarantee of professionalism, nothing is left to chance, every detail is taken care of to the utmost and the result always exceeds expectations! Feedback is extremely positive and colleagues are always happy to participate in events and meetings. The platform is very helpful in the organizing phase, but the people make the added value. Discussion and collaboration are key, and the Kampaay team is always ready to give us suggestions and do the impossible to meet our requests!"
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