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Qonto chooses to save time by organizing events with Kampaay

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Why did Qonto choose Kampaay?

"In order to maintain a dialogue with customers and partners, we have always organized both in-person and virtual events and meetings. However, often the organizational phase was more challenging than the main objective. We were looking for a partner who could help us with event management and who shared our standards of transparency, speed, quality and user experience."

What is it like to organize your event with Kampaay?

"The platform is simple and intuitive, I immediately found the location, selected the caterer, and organized the right experience for the launch of our service in Italy. Within minutes I requested a quote for all the services I needed and shared it internally, saving time and unnecessary steps. And thanks to the "Rearrange Event" feature, I can reorganize a previously staged event with one click."

What are the advantages of using Kampaay?

"The suppliers chosen are reliable and the locations exclusive, plus I can always count on the support of an operator both before and during the event. By optimizing organization time, I can focus on other activities while increasing my productivity and that of the company. Kampaay has rightfully changed the way we organize events, now we can focus more on the experience of the participants. For the rest, it's just a click away."

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Why would you suggest Kampaay?

"We were looking for a partner who would help us with event management and who shared our same standards: speed, transparency, quality, and a great user experience. Kampaay met all our needs."
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Having an ad hoc catalog for events in my company

Optimize internal processes by reducing unnecessary steps

Monitor costs and control the budget for each team's events

Spreading corporate culture through quality experiences

Offer team managers pre-approved solutions for their Team Spirit

Manage the entire event organization process through a single point of contact

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Kampaay, il genio degli eventi aziendali.
La nostra piattaforma semplifica la pianificazione, abilita la collaborazione, misura il successo di ogni evento. Così puoi focalizzarti sulla visione d'insieme. E dare vita a eventi che guidano il cambiamento.

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