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Book online and independently the most suitable corporate catering service for your event. Arrange lunches, dinners and Welcome Coffees that can satisfy the tastes of all guests.

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The solution for your corporate catering

Browse the catalog and select the menu that meets the tastes of your guests. With Kampaay you plan a perfect event and are guaranteed the result.

Welcome Coffee

Breakfasts and Office Breaks to enjoy with all your colleagues
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Corporate Aperitif

Surprise your guests and start the day with a mouthwatering breakfast to enjoy at the office or any other location
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Lunch & Dinner

Corporate lunches and dinners with menus created on participants' tastes
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Coffee Break

A tasty coffee break to intersperse your workday at the office or wherever you prefer
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Welcome Coffee

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Corporate Aperitif

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Lunch & Dinner

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Coffee Break

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With Kampaay you organize successful catering

Kampaay offers a comprehensive solution for corporate event management. Access the Kampaay platform and discover the largest catalog of corporate event services.

Finger Food, Appetizers, Aperitif, Buffet or Dinner? Discover the best option for your event and delight your guests.


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Book a call with our team, tell them your needs, and find out how to revolutionize your event management.

Try the service with your first event

Like the idea and think it might be right for you, but want to be 100 percent sure? Hold your first test event and make sure it meets all your requirements.

Customize the portal for your company

Configure a customized catalog and take advantage of advanced features, such as budget management for each user and invoice customization.

What Kampaay offers:

  • Save up to 20 percent of your time with a much simpler and more flexible process for organizing all your events.
  • Live a completely new experience by interfacing with one point of contact for all services.
  • Less bureaucracy and total transparency with no hidden costs thanks to digitization of processes.

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