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Discover the best Team Building activities available on the Kampaay platform. Create team spirit and engage participants in creative, fun and original formats.

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The Solution for Your Team Building

Organizing the perfect Team Building will no longer be a problem! The Kampaay catalog has endless experiences to meet the needs of all participants.

Food & Drink

Cooking Class, Aperitifs and Tastings to stimulate taste and smell
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Escape Room, Scavenger Hunt and many activities to develop problem solving skills
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Sports Activities

Escape Room, Scavenger Hunt and many activities to develop problem solving skills
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Team games

Fun activities such as Virtual Reality or Softair to build team spirit
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Chain Reaction, Lego Building and many other creative activities
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Acting, public speaking and creating commercials to spur on the team
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Social Impact

Manual workshops, board games and quizzes to raise team awareness
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Team Workout and Nutrition Experiences for Team Wellness.
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Food & Drink

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Sports Activities

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Team games

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With Kampaay you organize successful Team Building

Kampaay offers a comprehensive solution for corporate event management. Access the Kampaay platform and discover the largest catalog of corporate event services.

Escape rooms, outdoor activities, cooking challenges or creative games. Select the perfect Team Building and have fun with your team.


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Configure a customized catalog and take advantage of advanced features, such as budget management for each user and invoice customization.

What Kampaay offers:

  • Save up to 20 percent of your time with a much simpler and more flexible process for organizing all your events.
  • Live a completely new experience by interfacing with one point of contact for all services.
  • Less bureaucracy and total transparency with no hidden costs thanks to digitization of processes.

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Doctolib chooses Kampaay as partner for corporate events

Doctolib relies on Kampaay to spread the corporate culture within all teams.

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