The events podcast told by those who, by trade, connect people.

Eight voices and eight visions that will take us into the hidden (and definitely fascinating) side of events. And our host, Stefano Brigli Bongi, to engage with them. Let's get started!

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Episode 1 | September 19, 2023
Event Marketing

How to create an Event Marketing strategy with Gianluca Diegoli.

What is the spring that made Redbull choose to freefall into space? Let's figure it out with a Marketing expert: Gianluca Diegoli.
Episode 2 | September 26, 2023
Event Planning

The do's and don'ts of event planning with Irene Bosi

How to avoid replicating a disaster like Fyre Festival? Find out with Irene Bosi's super practical tips.
Episode 3 | October 03, 2023
Event Networking

Why events are so important to people with Gilles Morange

There is something that drives us to participate in events and that can change our lives, as happened to Airbnb. What is it? Let's find out with Gilles Morange.
Episode 4 | October 10, 2023
Corporate culture

Making corporate culture through tales of mistakes and stumbles with Montserrat Fernandez Blanco

If Milan is learning to learn from its mistakes, credit is also due to those who brought Fuck Ups Night to the city: our guest in this episode Montserrat Fernandez Blanco.
Episode 5 | October 17, 2023

Events and the environment, time for a change of tune with Andrea Zuanetti

Is climate change likely to cause you to skip the next Burning Man? We hope not, but now is the time to rethink events from a green perspective. We talk about it with those who are helping companies reduce their emissions: Andrea Zuanetti, CEO & Co-Founder of Up2You.
Episode 6 | October 24, 2023
Events and Tech

Artificial intelligence comes to events with Gianluca Maruzzella

What happens when Sanremo meets Artificial Intelligence? Some people thought a nice duet might come out of it. It's Gianluca Maruzzella, CEO & Co-Founder of Indigo AI, who explains how AI can lend a (digital) hand to your events.
Episode 7 | October 31, 2023
Corporate welfare

The secret of happy companies with Corena Pezzella

Is working happily possible? We discuss companies that are trying, even with extreme choices (yes U-Haul, we're looking at you) with Corena Pezzella, HR Manager at UnoBravo. Spoiler: it's not just about ping pong and colorful couches.
Episode 8 | November 7
Events and Tech

Metaverse yes or no? The future of events with Davide Verdesca

How will events change in the coming years? And are new technologies such as the metaverse the future or a passing fad? One who has a clear idea is Davide Verdesca, Chairman & CEO of SG Company, who shares with us his unique-and sometimes controversial-viewpoint on the future of the industry.

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