With Event Planner
organize your corporate event
in just a few clicks

With the Event Planner you find all the services for your corporate events in one place. Browse, choose and plan!

Organize your
event without:

  • Having to compare yourself with suppliers
  • Wait for quotes and availability
  • Exceed the budget you budgeted
  • Having to deal with unexpected and unscheduled events

With the Kampaay Event Planner, organising your corporate
event is so easy that you'll immediately want to do a second one!

Try the Event Planner
Try the Event Planner

What changes with
the Event Planner?

With the Event Planner you have an extensive catalog and dedicated assistance from industry professionals through an easy, fast and transparent online tool.

  • It's easy because you coordinate services such as Catering, Location and Staff through the platform
  • It's fast because you add services to your cart and get a real-time quote
  • It is transparent because you keep track of costs and view them directly on the platform
Try the Event PlannerTry the Event Planner

What will you find inside the catalog?

In-person and virtual team building activities
Catering for in-house events or outdoor locations
Tailor-made locations for every type of event
Professional and qualified figures for your staff
Set-ups and equipment for every need
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Why Casavo organizes corporate events with Kampaay

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With Kampaay's Events Management Solution you centralise the management of your events in an innovative way that aligns with your business strategy
Align your event strategy with your business goals
Configure the platform with exclusive features
Get a customized catalog for your company
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