Take your corporate event management to the next level

With Kampaay's Events Management Solution you centralise the management of your events in an innovative way that aligns with your business strategy

Benefits with the Events
Management Solution

Offer your team an innovative solution to centralise enterprise event management
Business goals always met

We make sure your team works in line with the strategy

Catalog customisation

We adapt the services in our catalog according to your needs

Up to 20% time saved

We optimise processes by lightening the workload in the company

What the Events Management Solution offers:

  • Strategy and Consulting: we support you in planning an event strategy in line with your business goals by easing bureaucracy and supporting you in managing and monitoring the plan.
  • Additional features: together we develop useful features for your business such as budget management, multi-city service and users by defining their respective roles and permissions.
  • Tailored services: we four-handedly define a catalog of services and customised events for your company and provide onboarding and training to spread and improve the use of Kampaay.
  • Economic benefits: we study together a proposal tailored to your company by defining the ideal contractual conditions and timing, and we offer discounts and benefits for organised events.

Why companies love Kampaay's Events Managemet Solution

Kampaay is the ideal partner for those who want to bring innovation and digitization to their companies by revolutionizing the way they organize events.


Human Resources



your catalog

  • Choose a team building in line with the corporate spirit
  • Discover Food Packages for every taste and occasion
  • Decide in which city in Italy to organise your event
  • Select the perfect location based on the type of event
  • Choose qualified personnel according to your needs

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to your business with Kampaay

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