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Management, planning and monitoring of your events, all in one platform. Simple, innovative and in total freedom.
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Keep track of all phases of your event, from A to Z

Create a streamlined and customized event plan

Getting off to a great start is easier when you have the right platform and strategy. Kampaay supports you with consulting to curate event planning that high-fives your goals.

Shape your idea with an event expert

The secret to creating something great is a team effort. With Kampaay you can move independently on the platform or confront for advice from our team of event specialists.

Experience the event with peace of mind with transparent expenses

The beauty of having a customized platform is being able to choose vendors and services in line with your budget. Plus, you can compare and manage all costs clearly and without surprises.

Celebrate a memorably orchestrated event

The Kampaay team manages and coordinates vendors, logistics and services from start to finish. We offer on-site support during the course of the event so that everything really goes as planned.

What more does Kampaay give you

The security of realizing the event of your dreams

With Kampaay you can create a catalog of
experiences for your company or receive expert
for a tailor-made event. All
with maximum flexibility.

The solution that reduces the distance between you and your events

With Kampaay you can choose certified vendors at competitive prices. Reduce the time and cost of managing your events with a platform with no activation fees.

Human support for
moving independently

Kampaay gives you all the tools to set up your event. We support you to guide you, get you to make the best use of the platform, and ensure maximum impact.

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Why your events need a strategic partner

We believe that the only thing better than a successful event is a series of successful events. We are the strategic partner to help you create an event plan tailored to your business, optimize your budget and take all the stress out of organizing.

3 good reasons to plan your corporate events

  • Manage resources and time more efficiently
  • Create more effective promotion and communication
  • Facilitate the achievement of business objectives

All the advantages of choosing Kampaay


Choose vendors, locations and services easily and in just a few steps


Say goodbye to endless conversations and emails. Set up the event from the platform and Kampaay will handle everything


Focus on your team and the goal of the event. Devote energy to the activities that really matter to you

Centralized expenses

Get a single quote and monitor when you want the event budget

How it works

  1. STEP 01

    Request a free consultation to find out how Kampaay can help meet your needs.

  2. STEP 02

    We work together to create a customized catalog tailored to you.

  3. STEP 03

    We implement your catalog on our platform.

  4. STEP 04

    We train you and your team through ad hoc training to make the best use of Kampaay.

  5. STEP 05

    Start organizing your events independently and easily thanks to Kampaay.

Do you have questions about organizing events with Kampaay?
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You will find some answers here, but if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to book a call with us.

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Is it possible to manage services that are not on the platform, and if so, how?

Is it possible to add suppliers to the platform?

Can the check-out phase be customized?

Are there monthly fees involved?

Is there an activation fee?