How to increase participant interaction at an event

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Learn how to increase participant interaction at a corporate event

Starting from choosing the perfect location, through the selection of the tastiest and sparkling caterer to the purely scenic details, the ingredients required for a successful event are truly many... and of course it is not always easy to keep everything under control.
Whatever type of event you want to put on for your company, the ultimate goal must be to catalyze the attention of attendees, making sure that the occasion remains etched in their memories for as long as possible. In this way you will not only give your colleagues a moment of fun and entertainment, but you will also share your company's values and identity with them.
The most immediate way to achieve this is to make sure that you create interaction among the participants, who would otherwise risk perceiving themselves as mere passive spectators of an event that, at the end of the day, doesn't awaken their enthusiasm all that much.

How to make an event more engaging

Whether your event is in person or virtual, there are several ways to make it as appealing as possible to your guests. The elements you should take into account to ensure maximum involvement of your audience are: 

Table layout

The arrangement of tables and their respective seating is a factor of considerable importance in the perception of participants at a corporate event.
Deciding to arrange seating as if you were in a theater oruniversity lecture hall, for example, gives everyone the opportunity to have a different perspective on the stage and/or the main event venue.
Conversely, providing acocktail setting, whereby every guest is standing, will "force" your guests to interact with the rest of the bystanders, creating connections and, consequently, memories.
An intermediate way between the two might involve a "banquet" table arrangement , in which guests sit around circular tables with their eyes facing inward toward the table itself; this mode also involves some degree of interaction among attendees, but in this case they have the option of sitting comfortably at their own table.

Participants having fun at a corporate event

Speakers who can engage the audience

As we mentioned earlier in this article, 70 percent of event professionals believe that the biggest challenge in organizing a hybrid event is making sure that the same experience is provided to both those who experience the event in attendance and those who attend remotely.
The solution is to provide for the presence of a speaker who can engage the audience by entertaining and emotionally recruiting them.
Choosing the perfect speaker for a corporate event, however, is not an easy task, because in addition to making sure that it is a figure who can interpret and convey the company's values in the most effective way, the personality of the presenter must also be assessed according to the audience he or she is to address and, of course, according to the nature of the event itself.
A speaker with a light and playful tone of voice might be more suitable for a team-building meeting, while conversely, a motivational speaker might be the winning choice in the case of a virtual meeting where the priority is to define corporate goals or create a sense of sharing among participants.


Gaming is an incredibly effective tool for engaging participants at a corporate event, as the process of ludicization allows the topics discussed to be decontextualized in the work context and reinserted into a high-engagement setting.
Gamification is a very useful strategy in this regard, and the beauty is that it can be applied to both in-person and remote meetings, making it a very powerful tool that can break down any distance.
Whether you decide to engage your guests in a "physical" swe epstakes or a photo and video contest on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, the important thing is, of course, to keep your guests' attention, so green light to creativity!

Take a survey during the event

The surest way to find out how your colleagues are enjoying an event is, of course, to ask them.
Afraid your guests will be bored? Run for cover with a survey!
Polling your guests directly, asking for their opinions on the speaker, the venue, and other elements of the event will allow you to get immediate and tangible feedback from viewers, and at the same time you may also generate insights for interesting and constructive discussions.

Increase post-event involvement

Making sure that event attendees continue to talk about it once the get-together is over is key to making sure that the event sticks in the memory of guests and that they see it as a positive benchmark to keep as a reference for the future.
Here are a couple of tips for making sure your audience keeps talking about an event that has already concluded:

Share the evening's highlights on social

Taking good photos and/or footage is of paramount importance to allow colleagues to relive the event, re-immediating the feelings and emotions it stirred in them.
Sharing them in a blog or on social media along with a recap of the activities carried out together will allow you to re-enact the occasion and, at the same time, promote it to the fullest, offering a positive and fresh image of your company.

Post-event survey

In one of the previous paragraphs we talked about the usefulness of surveys during the course of the event, but that does not mean that they cannot come in handy even after the event is over, quite the contrary. Taking post-event surveys is very useful in assessing whether or not your guests' expectations were met, and to what extent. The result will be that your guests will feel valued, and you will have gained invaluable insights to recalibrate your pitch in organizing the next meeting.

Now that you have had a chance to shed some light on the strategies you have at your disposal to increase the engagement of your audience, we wish you good luck in putting them into practice and, as always, we offer you our support in implementing any type of corporate event you wish to put together. Whether you want to organize an original team building, a more formal meeting, or even a remote event, don't hesitate to contact us and request a demo!

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