How to organize an outdoor corporate retreat

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How to organize a corporate retreat

Corporate retreats (also called corporate retreats) are finally back!

Companies are adopting traditional rhythms, alternating with variations and adaptations such as remote working, a work model that has become increasingly established. This, of course, gives us the opportunity for greater freedom in organizing company retreats.

Yes, because the toolbox needed for a corporate retreat can change based on so many factors, such as seasonality affecting the choice of location and the type of activities to be done.

Decide the goal of the corporate retreat

Purpose and goals are, as always, at the top of the to-do list for your corporate event.

Any examples? We can give many.

Usually, in the run-up to a corporate retreat, the needs (which obviously change in important ways depending on the size, structure, and even personality of each individual company) vary and match with the goals to be achieved: solving issues related to workflows, improving inclusiveness among employees employee sentiment, assessing the soft skills of their employees, or, more simply, celebrating achievements after a milestone or a period of working with the team.

Manage the budget

We know that's one of the first questions to ask when it comes to an event: how much budget do you have?

Getting it done (and answered) right away allows you to get off on the right foot in organizing your retreat. The reason is very simple: the financial resources you have available to cover costs such as location, accommodations, and guest meals (especially if premium solutions are chosen) can drastically affect the choice and feasibility of the solution.

Our advice is to carefully draft as detailed a business plan as possible, but also to identify and anticipate as best you can everything that would enhance your guests' experience.

Define the target audience

Who are the people who will animate your corporate retreat? Answering this question will surely help you in choosing the theme on which to base and focus your event.

One thing to keep in mind: the younger, livelier and more open to new things the corporate team members are, the more likely the retreat will include activities such as team building sports and team games that require some physical exertion, ideally followed by an aperitif or other type of celebration.

If, on the other hand, your target audience is more diverse, we recommend that you provide activities and times that are suitable for everyone, such as more relaxed dinners and team building where they can challenge themselves creatively.

Enhances all personalities for an inclusive event

To make all people feel welcomed and involved, the event should also be inclusive-this way you will really take into account and value the personalities and personal preferences of the participants, meeting their expectations and creating a safe environment, perfect for a truly heartfelt event.

Our team of Kampaay event experts has noted that preliminary surveys often prove to be a useful tool for gauging guests' interest and tailoring your proposal to their desires.

Choose the location of the corporate retreat

We said it at the beginning: the location is a crucial element in the success of this type of event.
Your guests will need as cozy and comfortable a place as possible to make them feel comfortable or, even better, like they are at home.
For this reason, we suggest you consider locations with common, pleasant, and accessible spaces where your guests can gather for and socialize spontaneously during extra-activity moments: a large garden with seating available for everyone is a great solution.

Set a structure and agenda for your corporate retreat

Precisely defining the structure and schedule of the corporate retreat will enable you to decide exactly the what, when, and where of each activity you plan to engage participants with: it is your rudder that helps you set and keep track of goals, activities, times and breaks, locations, and people management.

You will be able to consult it as needed but even more so you will be able to share it with your guests.

Alternates moments of activity with moments of relaxation

Earlier we gave a few examples of activities you could include within the corporate retreat. But there is something you should never forget: relaxation, a critically important factor in a get-together outside the office.

Your guests, in fact, will surely need to take a few moments off: we recommend that you provide dedicated spaces and include them in your agenda as part of your schedule.

Engage a facilitator

Consider hiring an industry expert who can facilitate the smooth running of your event: in these cases, and we know this well, elements such as industry experience, technical know-how and skills such as the ability to anticipate unforeseen events can make the difference between a successful event and a corporate retreat that doesn't take off or doesn't meet the expectations of attendees.

Customize menu and catering

Menu and catering, as well as accommodations, are essential to make your guests feel pampered. Here, too, pre-event surveys can make all the difference: they prove super-helpful for their preferences or special needs (such as allergies, intolerances or food choices dictated by religious factors) even at the food and beverage selection stage.

At Kampaay, we know that such a vast topic deserves a more in-depth chat. That's why we provide you with a discussion with experts in the field: it could be decisive in finding the perfect solution for your next corporate retreat.

Contact us if you are looking for a partner who can manage all phases of such an important (and unforgettable!) event for your team for you.

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