Event marketing: what is it and what are the benefits

In this article you will discover how to use events to achieve your business goals.


Whether a start-up, small business or multinational corporation, corporate events have become part of many companies' marketing strategy and the trend is growing rapidly. In fact, 9 out of 10 CEOs believe that corporate events, coupled with a good digital marketing strategy, occupy a strategic role in achieving goals and generating sales.

In fact, Event Marketing offers a unique opportunity for companies to reach specific customer audiences and create a memorable experience for them. And thus generate sales opportunities, demonstrate expertise and build lasting relationships. 

But let's start with the basics, what isEvent Marketing and how is it used?

Event Marketing

There are infinite ways to use Event Marketing, just as there are infinite event formats that can be organized. Among the types of business events most chosen by companies are definitely trade shows and conferences. Alternatively, some brands opt for events spread throughout the territory, with different installations that give event attendees an immersive experience.

When it comes to presenting a new solution to the market, many companies opt for launch parties, events held to introduce a new product or service to the public. Then there are other types of events with different objectives, such as charity events, educational events, and pure entertainment events. 

The latest trend? Experiential journeys! In this type of event, influencers, industry experts and potential customers are taken on a brand and product discovery journey through an immersive and dynamic experience.

And let's not forget classic events such as team building, cocktail parties, and corporate events. These, if organized in the best possible way, can not only promote the brand, but also create moments of networking and sharing among participants. In short, there are many opportunities and it depends on the needs of the company to choose the most suitable one to achieve its business goals.


Workshop is that type of event that allows companies to provide information and education on a particular topic, product or service. It can be organized for company employees or for an external audience, such as potential customers.

Workshops can be organized in many different ways, and when there is the right strategy and creativity behind them, they can become engaging and exciting experiences for those who attend. How? For example, by using gamification techniques, interactive experiments, moments dedicated to socialization, and so on. 

They are very useful because they allow participants to learn new things and better understand the company's products or services. They are also an opportunity to interact with company representatives and ask questions or clarifications. In short, if the goal is to have the target audience learn something new, a workshop can be the right event.


Similar to workshops, but more structured in their programming and the range of speakers who will speak, are seminars. Again, the objectives are multiple, and may include some actions such as: 

- Train and update employees and partners on products and services

- Making their experience and expertise known to clients and prospects

- Create visibility and build the brand as a thought leader in an industry

Seminars usually include presentations, hands-on exercises and discussion time. Those who attend these seminars learn new things, keep up with developments in their field and expand their network of contacts.

When well organized and designed, they can combine formal study with interactive moments to effectively engage audiences. Companies then use them as an opportunity to connect with customers, prospects, and stakeholders in a way that is not only educational but also engaging.

Launch Parties

Launch parties are events designed to present a new product, service or initiative in an engaging way. In this case, guests include customers, prospects but also journalists and influencers who can touch the product, do hands-on demos and testing. 

Companies hold launch parties to generate awareness, receive feedback from early adopters, gather organic publicity through word-of-mouth and guest social, and improve engagement with customers and prospects.

When organized according to a good strategy, launch parties become the most exciting and engaging way to introduce a new product, service or initiative, leaving a positive impression and creating hype among guests.  

The Benefits ofEvent Marketing

As we have seen, Event Marketing is a powerful strategy that allows customers, prospects, as well as partners and dependents, to get closer to the brand and its philosophy, thanks to their experience during an activity or event organized by the company. In this way, those who attend naturally feel inclined to share their impressions with friends and colleagues, promoting the brand. 

The goal of Event Marketing is therefore to humanize the brand and establish a lasting and valuable relationship between the company and its target audience, putting people back at the center by offering them something truly useful, fun or exciting.

We then summarize the main benefits of event marketing:

Amplify brand awareness: events expose the brand to a wide audience, leading people to remember the brand's name and imagery. When hundreds or thousands of guests attend your events, brand awareness can only increase significantly.

Improves engagement: interactive experiences at events create an emotional connection with attendees, improving their engagement and brand loyalty.

Strengthens customer relationships: sharing meaningful moments at events is an experience that creates a wealth of positive memories-the very ones that strengthen long-term customer relationships.

Business generation: according to a survey, 91 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after attending an event organized by the company. This means that event marketing can result in increased sales and revenue. In addition, successful events can foster lead generation, which is the acquisition of new potential customers, and advocacy, which is the promotion of the product by attendees to their friends and colleagues. All this has a long-term positive impact on the company's business.

This is how, by integrating Event Marketing harmoniously with other marketing initiatives, companies can create a holistic and engaging approach to achieving their goals. Through increasing brand awareness, improving engagement, and strengthening customer relationships, this strategy translates into growth and tangible business benefits. Now that that's clear, how do you put it into practice? 

Use Kampaay for your event marketing strategy

Kampaay is the solution that helps you create and manage an effective event marketing strategy. Kampaay 's innovative platform provides the tools to create memorable experiences, manage the organizational and economic aspects of events efficiently, and optimize strategy based on brand and business objectives.

You can choose from a wide range of event ideas to customize to your target audience, or create new and original ones. You will receive immediate quotes, monitor budgets, and organize every aspect from the same interface, then receive one invoice.

You will also have a single point of contact to assist you in defining the event marketing strategy best suited to your goals, providing professional advice and support.

In a nutshell, Kampaay allows you to create a structured event marketing plan and take full advantage of its benefits for your business by creating engaging experiences that increase your brand visibility and strengthen your connection with customers, prospects and partners.

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Kampaay is the solution that facilitates the management and organization of corporate events, the ideal partner for those who want to bring innovation and digitization to their company.

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