Eight original ideas for your promotional events

Find out how to create engagement and anticipation in participants!


Eight original ideas for your promotional events

From an event marketing perspective, promotional events are the perfect ace in the hole to promote your brand, but often the risk is that these all end up looking a bit similar to each other.

In this article we offer you some original ideas to stand out from your competitors and bring your next, unforgettable promotional event to life!

An in-house promotional event
Food & beverage offerings cannot be missed at a promotional event

Upload a promotional video

Promotional videos? Yes, thank you!

Choosing to share a promo video of your event is a great move to let potential guests touch on what kind of experience awaits them, especially if you have held similar events before and have the opportunity to do mash-ups by mixing in the content you already have available.You can sponsor your video through social media, such as by posting a reel, but also opt for a well-targeted mailing list.

Use a mascot

By now we know it: animals, and in particular puppies, are the big stars of social networks. With their tenderness and spontaneity they are always able to bring a smile to our faces, so why not take advantage of this trend live as well, making them cute mascots for your event?If you then want to add an extra touch, you might think of implementing within the location chosen for the event an adoption point in collaboration with an abandoned animal shelter in your city. 

Create events with augmented reality

Want to make sure your audience can literally immerse themselves in your event? Great! Then you should consider using augmented reality, a real trend to date! In fact, augmented reality is one of the most widely used ways to create a stimulating and interactive environment that can surround your target audience, entertaining them and creating engagement on social media.

Engage micro influencers 

Statistics tell us that micro influencers are now the perfect ambassadors to sponsor brands. In fact, many have a good number of followers, and their cachets will certainly be much more budget-friendly than most of the more emblazoned influencers. Strive as hard as you can to identify an influencer who has a niche of followers with some relevance to your brand, and you will have already taken one step toward making your event a success! 

Plan a scavenger hunt

There are several activities to suggest for an informal event, and one of them is the treasure hunt, a true evergreen that is hard to resist at any age. Choose a large enough location, scatter a few hidden clues here and there, and let your guests do the rest! Of course, you'll have to think about raffling off one or more prizes for the winners of the game: it could be a product you want to sponsor, but also an always welcome gift card, or maybe a trip: space for imagination! 

Plan a quiz night

If there's one thing that always works at friends' nights out, it's quizzes, which is why you might consider incorporating them into your corporate event as well. Whether it's general knowledge questions or a series of specially designed riddles (for example, you could come up with questions about other colleagues' likes and dislikes), again, we recommend putting up some tasty prizes to spice things up. Plus, this is an easily replicable format even remotely. 

Charity evening

Brands often make the mistake of underestimating the potential of charity events, yet it is a resource with which you can really mark a difference with your competitors.

In the run-up to Christmas, companies are eager to organize happenings that communicate their offerings to their audiences, but who said it should be limited to that?

Instead, we recommend that you implement a few nonprofit events in your calendar for the purpose of weaving relationships with stakeholders and potential new partners working in your industry.

Ready to organize your next promotional event? Check out our proposals for both your physical and virtual events and contact us! We will send you a quote in as little as 15 minutes.

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