Christmas event in the company

Plan an unforgettable Christmas event!

Discover the perfect type of event for corporate Christmas!

Dinner at a nice restaurant or table at a disco? Field trip or "near the office" club?

Employees only or in the company of families? To be or not to be?

Organizing a company's Christmas celebration leads to these and many other uncomfortable questions to be answered. Discovering the type of event best suited for a corporate Christmas extravaganza is always an intricate mystery to solve, almost like managing to get out of a Virtual Escape Room.

There is good news, however: we thought we'd give you some useful tips for a successful event with three decidedly creative solutions.

1) Caribbean Christmas

Snow? No thanks. On your chosen evening, you and your guests will move to the beach for a few hours!

A themed event where the watchword is: summer. Costumes, flip-flops, flower necklaces, everything is allowed as long as the chosen venue is set up as if it were a sunny corner in the midst of the cold city winter. Summer-flavored cocktails and a menu composed of fresh dishes are ideal to infuse the event with the taste of a midsummer night.

What could make your guests more comfortable than the Caribbean beach atmosphere?

2) Christmas in his shoes

The watchword for this type of event is: self-deprecation.

Crea un gioco lungo tutta la sera, chiedendo a ognuno dei partecipanti di mettersi in tutto e per tutto nei panni di un altro degli ospiti presenti! Dal vestiario all’atteggiamento, i vostri invitati diventeranno un’altra persona per una notte.

Imagine the atmosphere: laughter and comical situations, over a nice cocktail and a rich buffet, will establish a general atmosphere of merriment, making the Christmas party even more memorable!

3) Elf Christmas

Can you imagine your guests busy with the tasks that usually fall to elves? Why not put them to the test?

Request a dress code reminiscent of the typical attire of Santa's helpers and organize booths to be transformed into the departments of the North Pole's most prolific company! The activities that can be proposed are among the most varied: from the secret of how to quickly and effectively wrap a gift, to the bar corner, where they can learn how to prepare the "boss's" favorite drinks. The latter mode could be even more spectacular if combined with a Themed Team Building., in which a professional bartender will guide them in the preparation of the most suitable drinks for the holiday season, telling about their characteristics.

This will make for anice and, above all, cooperative atmosphere, leading your guests to discover new things together. They will also be able to joke about the little practical familiarity they possess outside of presentations, briefs and business plans.

Christmas event in the company
Christmas-themed cocktails are not to be missed!

With Kampaay you are already ready for good wishes!

Whether you want to experience one of these innovative ways or propose more classic solutions, such as a dinner party or an evening with DJ set and open bar, with Kampaay you get an early Christmas present. In fact, thanks to our services, you can choose the location, arrangements, catering, staff and more in less than 15 minutes. 

But after all, what would Christmas be without presents? With the Kampaay Christmas Box you have the opportunity to have tasty gifts delivered to the homes of your employees and the people who matter most to your company. These are different Food & Drink options containing the best products of the Italian tradition, and that will not fail to impress those who receive them!

We are ready to give you the secret to amaze everyone. All you have to do is contact us!

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