Follow Up: How to organize perfect post-event communication.

Find out how to strengthen the bond with your guests following the corporate event that just took place

And here we come to one of the most important phases of thecorporate event you have just organized: the conclusion.

As strange as it may seem to the eyes of an outsider, we know how crucial post-event communication is to you.

In fact, doing follow-up means enhancing any previously initiated communication activity, such as may be a team building or promotional event. In this way, the people who have participated will feel even more considered and will perceive a desire to create a lasting relationship of trust with them.

So here are our tips for the perfect follow-up.

The pre-event phase

Questo step è molto importante al fine di non avere problemi nella fase successiva all’evento. Dedicate molta attenzione alla registrazione e all’aggiornamento costante dei recapiti dei partecipanti all’evento, per essere sicuri di avere tutti i dati corretti. Questo passaggio vi faciliterà tutte le operazioni che dovrete condurre in seguito.

The risks in underestimating this step are quite insidious. Incorrect addresses or confusion about the recipients of your communications are mistakes to be avoided at all costs.

The post-event phase

Sending a thank you for attending the event is the basis for reinforcing the bond created with participants.

If you want to make this type of communication even more effective, personalize it as much as possible for each individual guest. The important thing is that it is not anonymous, that is, composed of an impersonal speech that is clearly the same for everyone.

The modes of communication

The easiest way to contact participants is definitely via e-mail. Pay special attention to details so that an exclusive message is crafted for each of the guests.

Call them by name, thank them for attending, create ad hoc graphics for the content, and invite them to the next event. We also recommend that you report interesting data about the date you just had, to make your guests feel that they attended a successful event.

Use social channels as well. A nice post thanking the participants, with a video summary and celebration of the evening, is also functional in reaching new audience.

At this point, why not include links where your guests can view more materials related to the event, download them for free, and receive offers and coupons dedicated to them? In this way, guests will be even more convinced that the evening was made just for them and will be incentivized to take a closer look at the range of services or products offered by your company.

Finally, don't forget to attach a survey to gather opinions about the event. This will make it easier for you to understand what the strengths were and what could be improved instead.

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