5 Ways HR manager can create team spirit in the company

Improve cohesion in the company through team building!

The skills and experience of employees are critically important resources for the smooth functioning of the business ecosystem.
Even more important is the company's ability to prioritize the well-being of its employees.
It is often referred to as "human capital," but perhaps in this day and age it would be more accurate to talk about people, that is, individuals who through collaboration and the use of their skills are able to contribute and ultimately bring value to the company.

Thus, here we explain the new role of theHR manager in the global scenario: to offer company employees a valid and real reason for them to be driven to give their best in the workplace and to share their know-how with the rest of the team.
In the next few lines we will delve into the 5 ways in which the HR manager can create a cohesive and collaborative atmosphere in the company, bringing innovation and improving internal processes.

Creates balance in the team

Finding the right people for your company is not an easy task, but it is a key aspect of the corporate team building process.
In fact, the team selection process does not end after a phase of finding the right profiles and convincing interviews.
On the contrary, the most challenging part consists precisely in creating a complementary and balanced team. Indeed, it is a matter of being able to fit together, almost as if playing Tetris, the skills, but also the goals and different personalities of each team member.
In addition, as new members are considered for inclusion in the fabric of the company, it is necessary to verify that they can find their place within an existing team.

Stand byyour employees

Taking the side of one's employees does not mean taking their side in a hypothetical dispute, but rather caring about their needs and defending their rights in the company. How? By giving them clear guidelines.

While it is true that each employee should speak for himself or herself and for his or her experience in the work environment, likewise it is the responsibility of the HR manager to make sure that everyone has the same availability of resources and that no unequal treatment or envy of any kind is created among employees. The goal is to create a healthy and functional environment within which there is equity and coexistence is peaceful.

Try to become a positive example

Think about your company's values: if you are working there, you most likely recognize yourself in them and its mission, and feel aligned with the goals it sets out to achieve.
As an HR manager, this very value alignment should be the best impetus to share the positive and collaborative sentiment you feel with other members of your team.
The job of a good HR manager, in this sense, is to personally foster team spirit, the basis of which should be mutual support among employees and greater cooperation, even and especially in the event of any critical issues.

Encourages open and honest communication

La pietra miliare di un buon Team Building aziendale è senza dubbio un’ottima comunicazione tra i colleghi.
La parte difficile di questo processo è assicurarsi che tale comunicazione sia aperta e sincera, cioè che i dipendenti, per esempio, non si auto-censurino quando esprimono un parere, magari perché lo ritengono eccessivamente negativo o temono che la loro richiesta possa non venire accolta.
Lo stesso vale per la denuncia di episodi di bullismo sul luogo di lavoro, o addirittura nel caso del mobbing, che spesso vengono taciuti proprio per timore di ripercussioni negative.

Leverages dedicated software 

A great tool for optimizing team productivity flows are apps that allow tracking of attendance, platforms dedicated to project management, and software that allow optimizing the division of tasks within the team.
In this way, the company's internal progress will always be under control and employees will remain updated in real time on any changes.

For example, this will help avoid situations of misunderstanding, or simply being "discovered" because two team members in the same role went on vacation at the same time!

Naturalmente, lo strumento principe che non dovrebbe mai mancare nella cassetta degli attrezzi di un HR manager che si rispetti sono gli eventi aziendali. Noi di Kampaay offriamo eventi di Team Building proprio per rispondere a questa necessità: scegli tra diversi format, e migliora la coesione del team sviluppando nuove skills. In pochi minuti potrai organizzare il tuo evento aziendale scegliendo tra numerose attività volte a migliorare la creatività, la capacità di problem solving, la collaborazione e molto altro… senza rinunciare al divertimento!

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