Onboarding: how to place new staff within a company

Learn how to plan the best onboarding strategy and organize the perfect Onboarding!

The Onboarding phase indicates the set of processes and strategies to be adopted to facilitate the entry of any new figure into a company.

Che si parli di una risorsa esperta e ben navigata o di un neolaureato alla prima esperienza, l’entrata in una nuova realtà è uno dei momenti che nella mente delle persone rimane ben impresso. Il classico giro di presentazione con annesso tour dell’ufficio sta cedendo il posto a veri e propri eventi aziendali organizzati per favorire un momento di scambio e dare il benvenuto alla nuova risorsa. 

Whether live or remotely, let's see together how to organize effective Onboarding!

Before opening the doors, be prepared to welcome

In order to set up a sound Onboarding strategy, it is necessary to be clear about the goals it is to achieve. Each company can develop the planning it deems most appropriate, but there are key steps from which it is good to start in order to make it work:

1. Organize the new hire's schedule from the first weeks so that he or she is immediately involved in the company day-by-day

2. Ensure that it has available to it all the information and resources the company has to offer

3. Offer dilated timelines to allow him gradual and effective alignment with business timing

4. Involve colleagues and management in the early periods, to give them the opportunity to expand the network of internal knowledge

5. Constantly monitor the results obtained in order to modify operational strategies if they do not prove effective

If you want to differentiate yourself and create a desirable corporate environment, the advice is to supervise the induction processes for a period of 2 to 3 months. But what is the reason why a company should spend this amount of time on it?

The benefits of perfect Onboarding

First, investing the necessary time in this process will make it easier to draw a personal and professional profile of the newly hired employee. This will make it possible to figure out how to put him or her in a position to improve himself or herself and reflexively become an important asset for the company.

A properly designed pathway thus offers companies not inconsiderable benefits in the long run.

First, it will be possible to achieve a reduction in training costs and decrease in company turnover.
By reasonably and appropriately investing in the professional development of new entrants, the employee will perceive that he or she is not just a number within the organization. It is better to spend more time on induction initially than to have to find oneself starting over every 3/6 months, implementing a hasty and ineffective procedure.

Second, a company will be formed over time with qualified staff and in which different departments work together effectively. This will lead to increased operational performance, resulting in enhanced productivity, as opposed to an organization where turnover is the practice and timelines are consequently poorly managed.

In fact, according to numerous statistics, employees who have undergone a well-structured Onboarding program are nearly 70 percent more likely to remain with the company for at least three years than those who have not completed such training.

A more stable team that knows each other, masters the resources provided to the company, and is able to identify the company as a place that enhances its individuality will lead to a generalized improvement in all performance.

Onboarding in the Scale Up

The process of inputting new resources is even more crucial for Scale Up.

The latter, are Start-Ups that have realized a scalable and repeatable business model, and therefore can aim for international expansion and rapid growth.

The enlargement of various departments is what determines the future of these kinds of companies.

If a startup's team members initially fill a variety of roles, given the small size of the organization, as the size and responsibilities increase, it will be critical to bring in new qualified resources. Whether they are more experienced managers or promising young people, Onboarding will be even more important: conveying the mission, creating synergy among the new figures, and verifying that employees understand their roles are all key steps so that the company's growth continues smoothly.

Bringing in a qualified HR department to take on this task, which previously was perhaps done by the founders themselves, will become essential.

The tutor

This includes the figure of the mentor, who is very important in the Onboarding process.

The mentor is chosen from among the employees, and his or her job is to facilitate the newcomer's integration and support him or her during the first few months in the company. He or she will become a reference point for the newcomer, facilitating socialization with colleagues and understanding of the company culture.

The figure of the mentor is becoming increasingly popular among Italian companies; in fact, there are many companies that entrust the Onboarding process entirely to this figure.

Opportunities to make Onboarding more informal

In addition to framing and managing on a purely work and environmental level, it is also important to encourage moments of socialization outside the professional context.
Whether it is a cocktail party organized at the end of the day, a lunch together or a recreationalteam-building activity, it is advisable to bring out the soft skills possessed by new members, as well as showcasing those of the people already embedded in the various work teams.

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