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How to plan the perfect event

Granted that events are still strategic in the B2B world, organizing them effectively and satisfactorily is not always easy. However, if you can take it with the right mindset, planning the perfect event can prove to be an extremely enjoyable activity.
At the same time, it is equally true that a successful corporate happening requires extreme care and attention to detail.
Let's discover together the best practices for bringing an unforgettable event to life!

Pre-Event: the most delicate phase

The organizational phase leading up to the event is crucial to its success, which is why it is so important to make sure that everything runs smoothly from the first moments.

Decide which type of event best meets your needs

Areyou planning to create an in-person or remote event? Have you already asked yourself which of these two solutions best fits your business needs? These are the first questions you should ask yourself in the run-up to the event, as the answers to these questions will determine everything else in the organizational flow.

Hai deciso di organizzare un evento virtuale? Bene, allora potresti dover mettere in conto di implementare l’utilizzo di piattaforme o supporti digitali utili a creare engagement prima, durante e dopo l’evento.

In this article you can find useful information on the effectiveness of digital tools such as Chatbots and Gamification for the purpose of better engaging your audience.

Define the goals of the event

Don't forget to define the goals of your event well in advance.
Do you want your team to develop a greater sense of cohesion so that they are more aligned with company values, but at the same time would you like to offer your colleagues a time of constructive leisure?

Bene, questo ti permette di escludere tutte le categorie di eventi più “formali”, che sarebbero invece particolarmente indicati qualora desiderassi realizzare un evento più strutturato, ad esempio con lo scopo di far fare networking ai partecipanti.

In the former case, creative team building might be the ideal solution, while in the latter you might opt for a free-standing cocktail party.

Of course, setting goals in the stages leading up to the meeting will also give you a clearer idea of the budget to allocate for the event.

Identify the most suitable speakers

The speakers at your event are those who "lend" their face and voice to your company's communication needs.
That is why in the process of selecting these figures it is useful to opt for personalities in line with the company's mindset, since throughout the event they will be the ones who will present and represent its values to the eyes and ears of the audience.

unforgettable event
The right speaker can make an event memorable

Createan invitation and promote the event.

As we have already emphasized in this article, it is a good idea to devote the utmost attention to the promotion of the event on social media, but without neglecting the actual drafting of the invitations to the happening. In this case, it is good to carefully choose the right tone of voice, which should fully reflect the image of your company.

Promoting your event by creating original, specially crafted invitation cards or emails for your guests will in fact allow you to wow them, creating engagement even before the event begins.

During the event

The conduct of the actual event should also be manned with activities planned in advance.
In particular, we advise you to:

Making Periodic Checks

Monitoringattendee satisfaction during the event will give you an additional ace up your sleeve to engage your guests.
Plus, this will give you the opportunity to improve the attendeeexperience in real time and correct what doesn't seem to be working.

Keeping communication active

Presidingon social with photos and videos while the event is still going on is a unique opportunity to keep communication active with users who are not physically attending the gathering at that moment.
You could also engage the community with quizzes and polls, or you could share live coverage of the event with them, resetting the distance and making them feel just like they are there.

Coordinates the event

Inthese cases, it is of utmost importance that the figures useful in carrying out the activities are always in the right place and at the right time, so make sure that all the people involved, from the photographer/videomaker to the social media manager, know exactly what their task consists of and what results are expected of them at the various stages of the event.

Post-Event and Follow-Up

The event is over, now what? We move on, of course! Many people make the unforgivable mistake of considering their work done simply because the party has passed and participants have gone back to their respective routines.
On the contrary, this is an unavoidable opportunity to start reaping the benefits of your hard work!

Here are some suggestions:

Use your guests' contacts for networking

Your guests'contacts are a valuable treasure that, if you don't do yet, you should start considering in a follow-up post-event.
Create mailing lists to tell them news, offers related to your company's products or services, and anything else you think they might be interested in.

Do a press review

Whether it's a social report or an actual statement to post on your site, don't give up on telling the highlights of your event.
After all, you never know who you might reach-who knows, maybe you might catch the attention of some new stakeholders!

Check the budget

Finally, if in the initial phase of your event you carefully planned how much budget to invest in the goals you set out to achieve, well, now is the ideal time to check whether you have actually succeeded!

Now that you know the best practices for organizing a kick-ass event, let us let you in on the last, crucial secret: whatever type of event you decide to organize, it is virtually inevitable that something will slip through the cracks.

This Kampaay knows well, and that is precisely why over the years we have consolidated our organizational skills also and especially in view of handling unforeseen events and last-minute unscheduled events. Ready to make your next corporate event happen, either on your own or with the support of our experts? Press the button below and we will send you a quote in just 15 minutes!

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