The Secret to a Budget-Proof Team Building Event.

Find out how to always stick to the budget allocated for Team Building!

We are becoming less and less motivated in the workplace

Needless to deny it: we are becoming less and less motivated in the workplace.

In fact, as Gallup research shows, only 1 in 8 workers feel truly engaged and valued by their company.

The reason is that today's employees have developed a whole new work consciousness compared to previous generations, and this mindset stems from a growing need to be valued as whole individuals.

We invest in human capital so as not to lose business capital

The solution to this problem is to actively invest in developing a welcoming corporate culture, with the goal of creating greater cohesion and a sense of inclusion within the team.

It is clear that only in the presence of ideal conditions will an employee be able to feel like expressing himself or herself freely and engage to the best of his or her ability. The risk of the opposite scenario, in fact, is that the negative frame of mind of an individual "undervalued" employee would then end up extending to all other colleagues. Colleagues who, at that point, would feel equally unmotivated, with disastrous consequences for the company in terms of wasted time and resources.

All is not lost

In fact, as we were saying, the "new" workers are looking for corporate experiences that will make them feel attracted back to their work reality. The first step in this direction is definitely to focus on original and truly engaging team building activities.

In turn, however, these activities also have costs that naturally impact the company budget. In the next few lines we will explain how best to manage them.

Team Building: 3 tips + 1 on how to manage costs

1. Record each item of expenditure

First of all, it is a case of thinking a little in advance about the type of activities to be organized, so that a proper business plan can be drawn up. Ideally, you should write a list that includes every cost item, starting with the choice of individual experiences and ending with covering any expenses for travel, food and lodging. You will quickly notice that the portion of the budget to be allocated to these expenses will grow rapidly, undergoing even major variations depending on the details of your event.
That's why it's important to keep an eye on every single item on the list, ticking off those already "resolved" while keeping an eye on those yet to be cleared.

2. Let's set (realistic) goals.

Before jumping headlong into organizing a team building event, it would indeed be best to ask ourselves a few initial questions. The first step is to ask ourselves what is the best solution for the good of our team.
At this point, for example, you might notice a need among colleagues to improve the way they communicate, or again to get emotionally closer to each other. Also not bad is the idea of confronting one's co-workers directly: it might turn out that perhaps they simply need to Relaxing in the midst of nature, or a super sparkling aperitif!
In short: whatever type of event you are planning, it is good to keep in mind the needs of employees as the first thing.

3. We take into account the unexpected

If you have gotten this far by staying perfectly "within" your budget, something is wrong. Yes, because it means you haven't taken into account a very important detail: last-second contingencies.

The factor of "last minute contingencies" is never to be underestimated, because that is what could really make the difference between an event that is "just like any other" and one that actually has a positive impact on the company instead.

That's why it becomes critical to periodically check your corporate team building survival list, perhaps sharing it with your team.

The extra advice 

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