20 corporate team building ideas to motivate.

Strengthen team spirit with an out-of-the-ordinary activity!


A cohesive and close-knit team is the engine that fuels business growth. Recent challenges posed by the pandemic and new modes of social distancing have reinforced the need to unite team members in a context outside the work environment, thus creating opportunities for sharing and socializing. Bringing together different areas of the company, beyond the usual areas of operation, fosters better communication exchange and, consequently, better quality of work overall. This may be the best way to instill a healthy sense of belonging and motivation in employees.

If you're looking for an original and effective way to impress your colleagues and build a strong company culture, here are 20 unusual and fun team building ideas. Whether it's sports activities, role-playing games or culinary experiences, these team building suggestions are guaranteed to give you a great way to strengthen team spirit and create a positive work environment.

Why do Corporate Team Building?

Corporate team building is a set of training activities that aim to improve the soft skills of members of a work team, promoting effective communication, employee well-being, harmony and wellbeing within the company. This type of corporate activity plays a key role in the business environment, and to carry it out effectively, it is important to choose the team building format that best suits the group of people involved and the business objectives of your People Strategy.

Team Building Goals.

Promoting Effective Communication: Team building encourages mutual listening and communication skills, skills that are fundamental to teamwork. Through team building games, team members learn to express new ideas and solve problems in small groups, improving interpersonal relationships and creating a more productive work environment.

Enhancing the Sense of Belonging: Feeling part of a team is essential to employee well-being and the corporate climate. Corporate events such as a company dinner or even a simple Secret Santa for a company Christmas can help employees feel part of the whole company, reinforcing the team concept and identification with the company mission.

Developing Transversal Skills: Team building is also a form of corporate training. Through a variety of activities, including experiential activities, team members can develop new skills, such as leadership, time management and problem solving. This type of experiential training can have a positive impact on business results.

Improving Employee Wellbeing: A good workplace is a happy workplace. Through team building, employees can relax, have fun, and get away from daily pressures. This can lead to greater job satisfaction , prevent phenomena such as team burnout, and lead to better morale and higher productivity.

Attracting and Retaining Talent: An effective team building program can make a company more attractive to potential candidates. In addition, team activities and social events can help retain existing talent by showing that the company cares about the well-being of its employees.

Corporate Team Building Formats.

There are different types of team building, each with its own specific goals. Some activities, such as team games, aim to promote communication and collaboration. Others, such as a company trip or experiential training, can help employees develop new skills and better understand company values.

For the first time, you may want to start with fun activities or an informal corporate event to help team members get to know each other better. Later, you may want to introduce more structured activities, such as a training session or a team game, to work on specific business goals.

Remember, team building is an ongoing process that takes time and commitment. No matter what type of team building you choose, the important thing is that it is consistent with the company's scope, reflects the team's values, and helps create a positive work environment.

1. Sports team building

After spending an average of 8 hours a day sitting behind a desk, what better opportunity than the sports team building to get active and have fun among colleagues? This type of corporate team building activity not only offers countless mental and physical benefits, but also allows team members to get involved themselves, thus strengthening mutual trust within the group. A common goal, such as winning a game, can create a strong team spirit that will be useful even once they return to the office.

- Bubble Football

Bubble soccer is a fun and safe sports activity that takes the team building experience to the next level of action. You don't have to be trained to participate, and besides scoring the decisive goal, the goal of team building is to enjoy the experience and have fun!

Sports Team Building

- Arcotag Indoor

In this real simulated battle, participants use special bows and arrows to hit their opponents and accomplish the mission. This type of playful activity requires a strong team spirit and well-developed problem solving skills.

- Carton Boat

With the arrival of warm weather, the Carton Boat offers a fun and challenging opportunity. Team members will have to build a cardboard boat and then try it out on the water. This group building activity requires effective planning and full sharing of the project by team members.

2. Team building Puzzles

Solving a puzzle is an adrenaline-pumping activity that strengthens team spirit. Online or live escape rooms, Bomb delivery, or team building murder mystery dinner are just a few examples of activities that could be used in a team building event.

- Bomb delivery

Explosive team building! Participants will join forces to defuse a bomb, an activity that requires team spirit and problem solving.

- Live Thriller

Not suitable for the less brave, this activity is a mix between anescape room and a thriller! Adrenaline and suspense will be two ingredients present throughout the game.

- Cluedo

Again a crime to solve, Clue is a mixture of a role-playing game, a treasure hunt and a murder mystery night.

Team Building Puzzles

3. Team building in the kitchen

From preparation to the table, food is a timeless element of togetherness. Whether it's a cooking experience or a themed cocktail party, organizing a team building in the kitchen with a food & drink theme is a great idea.

- Cooking class

A culinary challenge in which participants will be guided by a Chef in the preparation of a gourmet dish. Not only do you learn new recipes, but you work as a team to achieve a common goal by improving teamwork.

- Beer tasting

A beer tasting experience can be a fun and relaxed way for a work team to bond. In addition to tasting different varieties of beer, participants can learn more about the history and process of brewing.

- Wine tasting

Similar to beer tasting, wine tasting offers an opportunity for teams to learn about different varieties of wine and its production by choosing a location outside the office or requesting a corporate catering service. This event can be an opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of colleagues in a non-work setting.

4. Artistic team building

Art is a powerful medium for expressing oneself and connecting with others. Team building art activities can help unleash creativity, develop lateral thinking and build a strong sense of belonging within the team.

- Painting workshop

A painting workshop provides an opportunity for team members to express their creativity and work together to create a work of art. The goal is not only to create a beautiful painting, but also to strengthen the team spirit and connection within the group.

- Sand sculpture

Creating sand sculptures requires cooperation and communication. This activity can be a fun and creative way for team members to work together and build something tangible.

- Pottery workshop

A pottery workshop can be arelaxing and rewarding experience for team members. In addition to creating a physical object, participants can also learn more about the history and techniques of ceramics.

5. Outdoor team building

Outdoor team building activities can be an excellent way for team members to connect with nature and relax away from the office.

- Excursion

A nature walk can be an effective way for team members to relax and connect. In addition to offering physical health benefits, hiking can also help strengthen bonds within the group.

- Orientation competition

An orientation race can be a challenging team building activity that requires strategy and cooperation. Team members will have to work together to navigate an unfamiliar area and achieve a goal.

- Rafting

Rafting is an adrenaline-pumping activity that requires a strong team spirit. Not only is it a great physical activity, but it can also help build trust and cooperation within the group.

6. Team building and volunteer activities.

As we have seen, the power of team building lies in encouraging collaboration, team spirit and effective communication. But when these activities are combined with volunteering, the benefits go beyond simply improving team performance, helping to make a positive impact on society with an experiential activity.

- Building for charity

In a unique team-building activity, group members join together to build bicycles for children, which are then donated to a local charity. This activity not only encourages collaboration and communication within the team, but also allows participants to make a difference in the lives of children in need.

- Green Lab

An activity that aims to raise participants' awareness of sustainability and social responsibility issues. After an initial briefing on environmental issues, participants engage in creative workshops using reclaimed materials. In this way, commitment to the environment is combined with innovation and team creativity.

- Collaboration Without Borders

This interactive activity challenges participants to balance national solidarity and international cooperation. In a highly competitive environment, participants' choices have significant repercussions, highlighting the importance of collaboration and effective communication.

- Sustainability Escape Room

A unique experience that combines the escape room format with sustainability themes. Participants are involved in a series of playful-educational activities that push them to operate in a cooperative context, raising awareness of sustainability issues. This immersive experience develops a number of key skills such as problem solving, horizontal leadership, time management and conflict mediation, while contributing to the overall goal of corporate social responsibility.

These are just a few ideas of corporate team building activities that can help boost team morale, improve communication and promote a positive work environment. Remember, the goal of effective team building is not just to have fun, but to build a strong, cohesive team that can work together effectively. As Kurt Hahn, German educator and one of the fathers of the team building concept, said, "We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

Organize stress-free corporate team building

As we explored in this article, within a corporate People Strategy, team building plays a key role. It is not only about training, but also about creating a positive and rewarding work environment.

We realize that we have shared many suggestions, and considering all the responsibilities and activities that you already follow in your work, you might think that it is difficult to implement all these ideas. And that's where Kampaay comes in.

Kampaay is the platform that simplifies corporate events, from large anniversaries involving all employees to intimate team building. This gives the HR team the opportunity to focus on common goals and expected results, leaving the logistics in the hands of our event experts.

Making team organization a priority can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. Whether you are a team leader or part of the human resources team, book a free demo with Kampaay now. Find out how it can simplify your life and help you organize memorable corporate team building.

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