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Pay attention to the next few lines.

A man walks into a bar and asks for a glass of water. The bartender leans behind the bar, pulls out a gun and shoots the man, missing him only by a whisker.
The man thanks him and walks away.

What you have just read is a famous riddle designed to train lateral thinking.

The concept of lateral thinking, a term coined by the Maltese psychologist Edward de Bono, can be defined as an approach to problem solving from seeking alternative points of view

The solution to this mind-game, for example, is that in fact our man had hiccups. However, if we had simply used a sequential approach (i.e., that mode of thinking that we would usually call "using logic"), it would have been very difficult to arrive at the solution.

Indeed, the purpose is to deviate for a moment from what appears to be the most direct path, that is, vertical, putting aside for a moment the solutions that seem obvious and immediate to us.

Lateral thinking is a very useful skill for coping with the main task of any kind of work, which is the need to cope with a problem, whatever its magnitude or nature.

In the next few paragraphs you will discover how team building activities can help your team develop some lateral thinking techniques.

Five ways team building helps train lateral thinking

Lateral thinking, as mentioned, is a skill that refers to the ability to find solutions in a way that is not obvious. Training it will make your colleagues:

1. More self-aware

Yes, because the first step in training lateral thinking is to be aware of the way our brains process various information.
As human beings, in fact, we have a tendency to rely on tried-and-true thinking patterns.
If, however, simple awareness is not enough, you can try using mind maps to unlock lateral thinking.

Mind maps, as powerful visual tools, "force" our brains to take a step back from old patterns, thus pushing us toward totally innovative and, above all, unexpected responses.

Here are some creative team building to implement this technique.


2. Increasingly open to external stimuli 

When we have to do reasoning, we often try to block out any distractions so that we can focus as best we can. Which is a good thing, but being able to understand when and how to focus our attention is even more important.

In fact, lingering on some external stimulus once in a while will allow you to break with old behavioral patterns, that is, the tendency to rely solely on logical thinking. 

Team Building themed"Puzzles" are perfect for enhancing this method.


3. Some very good communicators

Through Team Building experiences, your team members will discover the best way to communicate with colleagues and develop more empathy in the work environment. The goal is to develop communication that is clear, effective and never ambiguous.

Which translates into greater trust and loyalty to the company. Conversely, an unstructured type of communication will make your employees much less motivated and focused on their daily tasks.

An unusual way to implement this skill might be to undertake a Food&Drink business, as we experienced with our friends at Gympass.
The kitchen, in fact, is one of those places where promptness and clarity of messages conveyed are particularly important to the success of the project ... or, in this case, the dish.

4. Even more united

Team bonding is an ongoing business process in which team members draw closer to each other by increasing their cohesive feeling.

In this sense, shared experiences, such as sports and/or team building activities, can be the winning weapon.

Lo sport, in particolare, aiuta a stimolare le relazioni interpersonali e la collaborazione, facendo spazio a sentimenti di comprensione e fiducia tra i partecipanti

In più, trovandosi fuori dal contesto aziendale, perfino esperienze negative come una bruciante sconfitta potranno rappresentare un ottimo spunto di riflessione e confronto per l’intero team. 

 5. Hungry for new challenges

Challenges, by their very nature, require us to break free from the limitations of "habitual" thinking.
In other words, we should think as if there is always a better way to arrive at a solution, even if a solution has already been adopted or there are no problems in sight. 

A good method might be to imagine hypothetical and fairly catastrophic scenarios, perhaps using a formula like, "What would happen if...?"
In this way, your team will be inclined to always look for innovative solutions and never settle.

For example...what if you proposed one of our experiences to your team, but in format totally virtual?

In conclusion, when you formulate a hypothesis, don't take anything for granted.
And if you have to unravel a puzzle, you might try starting at the end, that is, the result you want to get, and then working backward toward the actual resolution of the problem.

Beginning with the organizational stages and ending with the more specific details, with Kampaay you can finally move away from a "vertical" view of the corporate event and instead arrive at a "lateral" solution (i.e., one of our out-of-the-box team-building experiences).

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