Post-pandemic digital transformation

Learn how the pandemic has accelerated business processes in the event world

Digital Transformation refers to that set of strategies that lead companies toward the implementation of greater operational flexibility. As we know, the impact of the pandemic on business organizational models has made possible a significant acceleration in the transition of enterprises toward Digital Transformation.

According to an Adobe report, 78 percent of senior executives agree that the pace of change experienced between 2020 and 2021 will continue in these years.

Indeed, the goal is to continue implementing increasingly agile business processes, eliminating wasted time and resources, and strengthening customer relationships by offering solutions in line with market development.

The reasons in the contemporary scenario for companies to undertake the transition to digitization are a greater possibility of streamlining internal and interface processes, more efficient communication with customers and suppliers, and the desire to cut costs in the face of increasing competitiveness within the market. For this reason, the phygital phenomenon, or the use of technology that combines the physical and digital event, is growing.

Fundamental to this purpose also appears to be, in addition to the development of greater versatility and adaptability to new challenges, the use of digital systems such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, tools that are now indispensable in the context of a rapidly growing digital landscape.
Indeed, the imperative remains to speed up and automate production activities as much as possible, but what consequences will transformations of this magnitude have on the world of event organization?

In addition to Phygital there is more.

Given the changes that the universe of companies, whether small or large, is facing, the world of event organization cannot avoid putting into practice a process of transition to digitization.

This means continuing to prioritize those tools that during the pandemic have allowed us to continue to stay connected, while developing innovative languages capable of responding to the needs of new consumer experiences and their journey.

The phygital events have highlighted the need for better organizational capacity that can manage the interpenetration of the online and offline worlds. 

Which, by requiring the use of a creative team and professionals with cross-functional skills, considerably lengthens the time required for organization.

In the face of the greater difficulty of managing virtual space along with physical space, however, the advantages of hybrid events are many indeed:

  • The audience expands, but without facing additional costs;
  • Increased opportunities for interaction with content;
  • Opportunities to engage guests from around the world improve, with a significant reduction in travel costs;
  • There is greater efficiency in monitoring the success of events due to better tracking of user behavior.

Thanks to the pandemic, brands have also been able to discover new ways to engage users with evolving types of experiences. 

La realtà virtuale si è affermata ormai da qualche anno, permettendoci di trasportare i partecipanti agli eventi in un mondo dal potenziale immersivo praticamente illimitato in termini di varietà, attrattività e valore delle esperienze digitali proposte. Lo step successivo è rappresentato dalla realtà aumentata, che permette di organizzare dimostrazioni ed eventi risparmiando notevolmente sulle voci di costo e guadagnare in flessibilità.

Virtual reality is more resource-intensive because it presupposes the construction of new, entirely digital panoramas within which the user can choose how to move. In addition, the latter, as opposed toaugmented reality, requires the use of ad hoc technological supports such as virtual visors, thanks to which participants can interact with the "new" world around them.

To conclude

Virtual and hybrid events continue to be a growing trend for the future, but the theme around which companies will increasingly be forced to focus is personalization.

In the words of Ajit Sivadisan, Vice President of Lenovo, "If you're not thinking about the customer holistically, you will fail the customer in a big way."

We at Kampaay are also convinced that digital transformation cannot be separated from an ever-increasing appreciation of customers and their needs.

Customers who, now more than ever, must be placed at the center of the transformational initiatives headed by companies that wish to keep pace with the implementation of innovative processes.

If you also agree with us, contact us to find out how to make your corporate event organization processes easy, fast and smart thanks to Kampaay!

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