How to Improve Corporate Well Being with Smart Working

Integrate remote work into your strategy

Improving Corporate Well Being with Smart Working

"Wait, I'll share the screen with you...,"but also the simple "Shall we schedule a call?" and the evergreen "Can you all hear me!" are just some of the phrases we have, despite ourselves, become accustomed to hearing and even repeating in recent years.

Because of the pandemic, in fact, in the last period companies and their employees have been able to discover and consolidate within their strategy alternative ways of working, such as telecommuting and smart working.

However, if until not so long ago the need to work from home was dictated by security reasons, with the pandemic emergency over a number of companies have chosen to continue adopting more flexible work paradigms that can respond positively to the demand for an agile and productive mindset, both from a work and human point of view.

Here is where smart working, if managed optimally and with the right tools and tricks, can prove to be the perfect trump card to make a difference in the overall Wellbeing of the corporate ecosystem and to improve its performance as well.

In the next few lines we will give a definition of smart working, explaining how it can affect the health of the whole company and trying to identify its benefits and possible critical issues.

What is smart working?

By smart working, or agile work, we mean that mode of work characterized by theabsence of constraints on the time and place in which an employee organizes and completes his or her tasks.

The scope of tasks to be performed must be agreed in advance, and in this sense it is most important to establish goals and workflows sufficiently in advance, through clear and pre-established agreements between employee and employer. In this way, the employee's work performance will be optimized and the company will be guaranteed the highest level of productivity.

Smart working management processes are flexible because they can be adapted to current business objectives, which of course can change over time.

In the case of telecommuting, on the other hand, it is expected that the performance of work tasks will take place exclusively at a location outside the company's offices, such as the employee's home or another location agreed upon in advance.

Companies often prefer to use the first solution, which eventually allows them to set a maximum or minimum limit on the number of work days that the employee can perform at home or otherwise away from the workplace.

A team's contact person may thus, for example, decide to ask his or her employees to work"on smart" for one workday, two, or even the entire duration week, depending on the needs and urgencies of the moment.

Obviously, as the amount of time spent away from the workplace varies, we will have different impacts on corporate Well Being, depending on the case scenarios. Let's find out together what this is all about.

Corporate well being is linked to smart working
Smart working allows people to work anywhere there is a stable internet connection

How does smart working affect the business climate?

As mentioned, the corporate climate can be affected by smart working in both positive and negative ways, and it all depends on the management approach that its managers choose to adopt toward this particular working mode.

Research and surveys carried out in recent years show us that the benefits that companies can derive in productive terms from smart working depend essentially on the job satisfaction of employees, which is in turn influenced by the employee's perception of the improvement in his or her work/life balance, that is, the balance between his or her professional and private life, as well as, of course, his or her degree of motivation and involvement with the work he or she does.

On the other hand, possible critical issues for companies can be represented by greater difficulty in managing emergencies and planning activities, in the face of a partial mistrust that is still quite widespread in exploiting the full potential of the technologies that companies have at their disposal nowadays.

From the point of view of workers and their personal experience, the main problem is the risk of feeling isolated from their colleagues, followed closely by communication difficulties due, once again, to the presence of technological barriers that we still struggle to break down.

Recall that in the company the useful and crucial figures in maximizing the positive effects of smart working and in optimizing its critical points are HR managers and project managers, who by employing a few simple tricks in their management processes can give concrete help to employees in perfecting their work performance.

3 ideas for improving corporate Well Being with smart working

Below you will find 3 ideas that Kampaay provides you with and from which HR Managers and Project Managers in your company can freely take their cues, so as to smooth out the difficulties that smart working employees may encounter on their way and, as a result, improve corporate Well Being.

1 We have already mentioned it above: most of the problems turn out to be technological in nature, so they can be easily solved by taking full advantage of the potential provided by tools dedicated to virtual collaboration: we have listed some of them in this article.

Ideally, in case your company is experiencing difficulties of this kind, provide a short training session dedicated to smart working employees, so that various team members can better understand how each tool works.

2. Clearly define objectives and KPIs, which, as we said earlier, in the case of smart working require, in most cases, to be modulated and reshaped from time to time according to the various stages of project processing. This is a critically important step in achieving the goals set forth in the business strategy.

In this case, the winning solution is to establish weekly or monthly discussion times during which the team can align according to deadlines.

3. Team-building events are an original (and often fun) third way to improve corporate Well Being and, let us remind you, can be conducted both in-person and virtually.

In fact, it has been shown that carrying out activities that increase team involvement outside the work context can help make employees who work at home feel less lonely, strengthening their feelings of internal cohesion and also making them feel more aligned with corporate values.

Here you will find some examples of events perfect for doing Team Building: these are mostly solutions that can be declined, if needed, even in their remote version. Want to discover the easiest and most effective way to consolidate your colleagues' sense of community in smart working? Click on the button below and request our demo to organize your corporate event!

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