How to choose the caterer for your corporate event

Whether virtual or in-person, find out how to choose the right catering service for your event!

What do you remember about the last event you attended?

Definitely the buffet, the cocktails prepared by the bartender, and the kindness of the hostess! Whether positive or negative, catering influences the outcome of the event, and choosing it is not an easy job. The type of services and menu choice depend mainly on the type of event you want to hold. 

Even virtual or hybrid events in fact can be accompanied by a catering service that will surprise guests and make the event unique. So let's see how to choose the best catering service for your event!

Virtual Events

Making your guests have a unique experience even if digitally is possible!

Virtual catering is a popular service for companies that used it during the period of pandemic restrictions and appreciated its potential. Sending a delivery service to participants' homes is a great choice and will help make your online event less boring and more engaging.

Whether it's a welcome coffee or an aperitif, if you want to make your virtual event more original, give your team a fun experience with a Live Bartending with a flair bartender or a Digital Wine Show led by a professional sommelier.

Not only the content though, the packaging is important too! Personalizing your box with your company logo and a special dedication will make your event memorable.

In-person events

The possibilities for an in-person event are endless, and the caterer should be chosen based on the type of experience you want to offer.

But let's go step by step: before we get to the selection of the caterer, we need to carefully choose the location, the staff and draw up the guest list. Once these priorities have been established, you can proceed with the choice of menu and type of service, whether buffet or table service.

The choice of location defines the type of event, whether it is a restaurant, a terrace or a garden, carefully select the arrangements. The visual component plays a key role, especially to emphasize the brand promoting the meeting.

Special attention should also be paid to the staff: bartenders, waiters, hostesses and photographers. Depending on the type of event and the number of guests select the figures who will support you, the success of the event will depend on this choice, and don't forget that a well-organized staff will give you a way to devote yourself totally to the guests.

Having established the location and staff, you can move on to choosing the Menu.

Decidere il menù per il tuo evento aziendale non è semplice, anche perchè sono sempre di più le persone che seguono un regime alimentare particolare per questioni legate alla salute, alla religione o alle scelte etiche ed è molto importante tenere conto di questi fattori quando si organizza un evento.

At the time of the invitation, therefore, do not forget to inquire precisely (and without being intrusive) about any allergies or preferences of the guests, so that you can decide on an ad hoc menu.

The menu should also be chosen according to the atmosphere you want to recreate and the mood of the event.

For a professional meeting, for example, it is a good idea to opt for a refined menu, aiming for finger food, for example, leveraging the surprise effect. For more informal gatherings, which aim to create a relaxed atmosphere, the caterer can instead lean toward more basic solutions and tastier proposals. The important thing is that the menu setting reflects that of the location and the company's image.

The trend of sustainability is growing and influencing food & beverage choices in 'event organization. When selecting services and suppliers, don't forget to pay attention to this aspect, and if you want to learn more, read our article on sustainable events!

If the things to think about seem too many, don't worry, there is Kampaay! On the platform you can select the location, the catering service that best suits your needs and those of your guests, in just a few clicks. Thanks to the new feature, we also suggest the amount of products to add to your catering according to the number of guests, and if you need advice, remember that one of our operators will support you at every stage of the organization.

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