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How Quantyca organizes events to strengthen the team

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Quantyca is a technology consulting firm specializing in Data Management, Advanced Analytics and Data Streaming.

‍"We have always organized convivial and informal in-person events, and after the restrictions due to covid these events have taken on even greater importance."
Alessandra Sala and Alessia Bonizzoni are HR Manager and Marketing Manager respectively in Quantyca, and their work converges on Employer Branding activities.
Alessandra Sala and Alessia Bonizzoni are HR Manager and Marketing Manager respectively in Quantyca, and their work converges on Employer Branding activities.

A passion for innovation is the hallmark of Quantyca, an innovative company that has grown tremendously in recent years to a team of 100 people. The atmosphere in Quantyca is stimulating, the working environment is dynamic and collaborative, characterized by a culture of comparison and exchange.

Events have always played a key role in Quantyca's strategy, particularly Employer Branding events, aimed at team members and aimed at creating opportunities for sharing and exchange. Always a promoter of a hybrid home working mode, Quantyca, like many other companies in recent years, has placed great importance on organizing moments of conviviality and informal gatherings among team members.

Quantyca's Christmas event

Before Kampaay

Before we started working with Kampaay, event management was internal to the company, with the HR and Marketing teams handling the planning and organization. When the number of employees began to grow, however, the need for external support arose.

"We used to handle the organization of corporate events internally, and certainly-with the growth of the company-it has become increasingly important to streamline the logistical and organizational aspects by being able to rely on an external partner. With Kampaay everything becomes easier and faster and we have the security of the result."

In recent years Quantyca has grown very fast and the team has been enriched with many new talents. The Christmas event was also organized to give new team members a chance to meet each other, outside the work environment, in an informal atmosphere.

"The Christmas party was the perfect opportunity to meet all of us in person, even with the new colleagues who joined during the last year!"

The solution

The Christmas party is a must for all companies, but this year Quantyca decided to step outside the canons of the classic dinner party and enlisted Kampaay's support to organize an informal and fun party that would put all guests at ease.

"We opted for a walk-through dinner; we wanted people to be free to move around the location and interact, get to know each other. It was a winning idea!"

The event was conceived and structured by Alessia and Alessandra with the support of Martina, Kampaay's Customer Success Manager, from the location search to the menu selection to the arrangements.

"Martina, our contact person in Kampaay, followed us through all stages of planning and organizing the event. She proposed to us some locations in Milan and accompanied us during the inspection. She took care of interfacing with the managers of the chosen location to define the menu and arrangements, all with extreme professionalism and kindness. The human relationship is a fundamental value, especially in the organization of these activities. In Kampaay there is, and it makes the difference!"

The evening was enriched by a Special Guest, Luca Ravenna, a successful stand-up comedian, whose performance gave the guests a moment of great fun and lightness.

Stand up comedian Luca Ravenna at a corporate eventalel
Luca Ravenna, stand up comedian

"We decided to invite a special guest to our event, stand up comedian Luca Ravenna, to give our colleagues a moment of lightness and fun. We personally took care of contacting the guest and defining the arrangements; instead, we asked Kampaay's support for the logistics of the show."

The choice of a pass-through dinner made the event dynamic and fun, and the atmosphere that was created can be felt very well in the photos taken during the evening.

"The Kampaay team surprised us by giving us a photo shoot of the event, we were delighted! The photographer was very good, unobtrusive and gave us beautiful shots."

"The feedback has been super positive! The previous year's event was held as a virtual happy hour, again organized with Kampaay; this year it was even more valuable to meet in person and be able to toast live! "

Not only parties: Quantyca partnered with Kampaay to organize team building and welcome activities for new colleagues through Welcome Kits created ad hoc in just a few clicks!

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"We have known Kampaay for a long time, we have seen the platform evolve and the team grow! We like Kampaay because, like us, it is a young and smart company that focuses on innovation, offering a range of solutions that manage to cover different business needs. We would recommend Kampaay because of their professionalism, enthusiasm, wide knowledge of the event market, and ability to understand the company's needs, going to ease all organizational tasks. After so many events organized with Kampaay we can say that we are guaranteed the result!"
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